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New oils

Oils under the Full Moon May 2010

Oils 'cooking' on garden altar under full moon.

Today we have just finished bottling the newest oils, a very satisfying process. I really like seeing the just-filled bottles lined up neatly in rows, ready set to work at their appointed tasks. These oils have been ‘cooking’ for awhile, some outside on the garden altar using the phases of the moon for timing, under the full moon (or a waning or waxing moon depending on the oils designated purpose), others were placed under full sun (which we in the southwest have in abundance!), all created with the best available olive and sunflower oils and herbs grown in our garden or purchased from a good organic grower. As you know, we grow in our own garden many of the herbs and spices that we use, the ones that we can’t grow here are purchased from growers who use only organic processes so that no contaminates are introduced into the oils and incense blends, making them safe to burn inside your house and to use on your skin.
* The first oil bottled is “Sabbat Oil” to use in any ritual. It is a wonderful glowing yellow color, full of sunlight, available in a special bottle, sealed with a cork and purple wax. $5.99
* The second oil, available in a larger size bottle, also corked and waxed is”Ancestor Oil” for use when calling up your ancestors to help with situations or to venerate those who have passed, physical or spiritual ancestors. $12.99 Use on candles, in oil burners, on skin, or on any ritual tool.
* “Money to Me” is a commanding oil for use when financial prosperity is your goal. A drop on each dollar bill (any denomination) will prevent your money from going out and leaving you without the resources that you require. Use also on your Altar, to dress candles or wear as a money magnet. $6.99
* “Reverse bad Luck” does just that, herbs to repel the bad and attract the good, along with some ‘Road opening’ actions can change the direction your daily living is going to a more positive and fulfilling experience. $10.99
All of these oils have been made with the appropriate oils, herbs and spices to correspond to the condition you need to work upon, and will bring results to surprise you!

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