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Little Steps!

This life’s journey is composed of many small steps, each step bringing us closer to the goal. Today I have taken another small step! Maria ( a phenomenal photographer) has lent us one of her cameras, the idea being we could use the pics in the blog and eventually in the web site. It has taken me almost 2 years of planning to read the book, learning to use the camera and then learning to insert photos into the blog. Previous photos were developed then scanned into computer …a process long and unwieldy. So today I found the missing link, a really simple card reader (less than $10.00 at our local big blue store) to get photos from camera to computer to blog. Yeah me! Now we are making progress and this blog will get more colorful! I know many of you have been doing this awhile, your computer skills are better, heck, my grandchildren could do this…however as I am pretty much technology challenged…I count todays small step as a HUGE one for me. So I am off to get more photos, better images, faster turn around time, all those things will equal more information on this blog…there is so much to see! Keep looking.

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