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I heard you!

So I know I said no more classes until January but several people called me wanting an oil class… It will be December 12th at 1PM here in the Funky Karma Classroom.  Cost is $12.00 which includes class notes and 2 bottles of oil.  Please call to let me know if you want to attend. 993-9797.

It’s about time…

Here we are!

We have been busy, but it’s about time I buckled down and posted new material.
The Pagan Pride Fest in October at Young Park was a blast, Sunny and not too hot, not to cold, a bit windy but hey, that’s New Mexico! We saw many old friends (who drove in from as far away as Las Vegas,NV, El Paso,TX, T or C, Ruidoso, and Albuquerque, NM, Louisiana, New York and Ohio), and met lots of new friends who are now happy customers of the store. Some items sold out, cauldrons, dragons blood and some oils, however, new supplies have been arriving all week.


Thanks for helping !
It is good to have friends who will help out on busy days!


It was a fun day for the whole family!

Friends visiting our booth at the Pagan Fest.


Oils ready for class.

A selection of the oils we will be learning to use in this class.

We have had several classes this fall, “How to use Conjure Oils” and “Sweet spell Casting”.  If you missed out I will schedule more in January.
Pluma has been on “Administrative Leave without pay”, otherwise known as “grounded for life”. One day he was being too quiet, (hey Moms out there..know what I mean?) so I go look for him, he was sitting in the middle of the Jade tree, a huge plant I have had for over 25 years, that had just been brought in from the back patio at the store. Who knows why he wanted to do that, broke out several branches. He got a scolding then I was busy out front ringing up sales until I heard a crash…definately glass breaking…sounds like something in the kitchen…it was, he was sitting up, up, up on the top of the cabinets over the kitchen sink, he had knocked a ceramic vase over to crash on the floor.  As I was pointing the finger, you know, the finger that says “boy, you are gonna get it when I catch you!” he turns his head, “I can’t see that finger, that means it doesn’t exist” then the paw pushes another breakable vase off the shelf to land with a crash on the floor, and then another vase over to crash.  Three were broken before I climbed a chair to reach him, carried him to the timeout cage and locked him in. He knew he was in trouble because he didn’t even try to get out or ask anyone else to let him out, which he normally does. That’s why he was at home for 3 days, until I was over being so mad at him. Now he is back to his regular job of greeting customers, pulling cards out of the tarot deck and entertaining children so their parents can shop.
Saturday, November 27th is the First ever Support Your Local Small Business Day. If you know me at all then you realize that I am always saying small business is what built this country, without shop keepers, local manufacturing and hard work by all enterprising business owners we would not have the economic foundation for our freedoms. You know that we make many of the oils and incense that are sold here, as well as all of the crocheted products…by the way, there are 3 afghans available, a good selection of shawls  and several lap robes, plus all of the Baby Crochet (great Christmas gifts). Henry and I would like to make this our best ever Saturday and can only do it with your help. Please shop with us from 10-6, I will have several giveaways, gift with purchase and other rewards for your participation that day. And Paul will be here in the afternoon reading Tarot Cards, I do hope to see you then.

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