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It’s cold in the desert!

Haven’t posted in a while because we had the dreaded ‘computer problems’. All fixed now and no excuses about posting, well, except for the winter storm that gave us 4-5 inches of snow, not so bad, and temperatures way below what we always have…got down to 0 degrees at night, a wonderful high of 19 degrees yesterday. Broke all kinds of weather records. el Paso electric, not able to generate their own power, has had to buy power from other states and Mexico (who now say they can’t sell anymore power because they need it for their own use) so rolling blackouts are rolling along. We have had outages at the store and were closed for the last 2 days but are open today…at least for now and for as long as we have power. It would be a good idea to call before coming to the store. 993-9797.

Pluma is not a happy cat at the moment, you know he was an abandoned kitten in the winter and has real issues with cold weather, he has been at home either in a lap or on the electric blanked, had another ear problem. He sure hates ear drops even thou they help him. He will be at the store as soon as it warms up a bit. When i left home this morning it was 9 degrees and I just can’t take him out in that cold. Will update again as we hope to warm up.



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