A glimpse into the daily happenings in the Funky Karma Magick Shop

BY Teri Van Huss

Floral Fantasy#5 by Teri Van Huss

:Supernova splash"

Beautiful Fractal Art by Alice Ward

We were so happy that so many of you came by to see the Fractal Art Show last weekend. The artists did a great job of showcasing their work, explaining how the make the great art pieces. They call it ‘Fractalizing Las Cruces”! There are still many beautiful fractals here, including card, framed art and unframed pieces. Maria did a lot of baking before the show , she is the best!!! and has promised tp share one of her secret recipes with us…we are awaiting that, for sure!! All of the Ladies brought delicious food for us to eat, if you were here then you know that, if you weren’t, there is always next year!! ” For love of Art Month”

For those who do not know what a fractal is, here is the answer…direct from Teri…”Fractal Art utilizes computer programs, which take mathematical formulas and produce an image based on the equations, applying color depending on the behavior of the formulas. After thousands of iterations, a number either goes off in the direction of infinity or back to zero. The numbers which are destined to return to zero are represented by the color black, while those that soar off to infinity are assigned various colors whose values are determined by the rate at which they accelerate towards infinity. The choice of colors is unlimited and each fractal is literally infinite in its variation and its detail. The Fractal Artist explores the fractal, locating interesting sections, and uses framing and color to bring it out for others to see. The way the artist interprets the fractal, frames the scenes, determines the colors to be used and chooses the algorithms to be employed makes up the creative element and results in a unique work of art.”

OK. now we know…and Funky Karma is all about the uniqueness of art, scent, spiritual practice, taste and palate. And with that profound thought…we’ll see ya soon.


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