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Pluma is back at work!

He is soooo happy to be back at work!

Pictures of Easter Weekend in the Garden

Toby, making music in front of his house: the biggest house, and only 2 story dwelling in the community. He has a fine new pink coat, chosen because it matches the tiny pink blooms of the Oxalis he has planted in his garden.
The Great Compassionate, Forgiving, Absolving, Healing and Earth Blessing Lady came down from her habitation high in the Organ Mountains early one morning and was seen traveling through the village. Most of the Gnomes saw Her pass; She had a soft private word with one or two but all felt her Special Blessing as She passed by. Seeds sprouted, flowers bloomed and even birds and butterflies paused a moment to watch Her progress which appeared neither to halt as she spoke to some not to rush by with undue haste, but steady movement towards the west was made.


Blooming and sprouting

Although it is early in the garden season, and we had a really hard freeze this past winter, the garden is filling out, blooming and sprouting. At the top right you can just see a glimpse of the corn.

Today in the shop,

I will be in the shop today until 4:30, Paul is here with his fabulous Tarot Readings, he has a couple of spaces, so if you need a reading come on in. Then the shop will be closed until Tuesday morning.  Have a great weekend!

Pictures of this years E-7 event

This is only part of the merchandise we took to the event. Because I can’t lift anything Henry had to carry it all in…but Diane and Anastacia helped to carry what was left beck into the car at the end of day.
Here we are, all set up at the Enlightenment this year. Iif you didn’t attend you missed a great event, but there is always next year!

Miss Tana Hemmingway Reading Tarot Today

Miss Tana is in the shop today reading until 3PM. Come on  in to see her.

Enlightenment 7 this Saturday!

Funky Karma will be participating in the 7th Annual E-Series Event, Lectures and Workshops on Spirituality on Saturday April 9th, hosted by the NMSU Pagan Student Union and held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces (2000 S Solano). 9:30AM-6PM. The main goal of this event is to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding Earth, Spirit and Nature-Centered faiths.  All lectures and workshops are free, that is FREE!

We will be retailing there, and have many NEW PRODUCTS.  The shop will be closed that day. I will be looking for you to attend, workshops and lectures on ‘Listening to your Intuition, Spirits in China, Runes, Chakras, Druidry, Archangels, Building Spiritual Community, Living as a Young Pagan, and Through Magickal Eyes: How Pagans see the World Differently.’

Candle Photos

Here is a partial look into the Candle Room showing chime Candles in many colors, including the hard to find brown, Pullout Candles, Blessed Herbal Affirmation Candles, Motor City HooDoo Candles and many other colors and sizes. We do have Gold and Silver and Double Action, (Red/Black, White/Black and Yellow/Purple.)

Karen came in today to take photos of the shop for the new Facebook page. This shows part of  the Candle Room.  You can see we have several different sizes, colors and candle holders, (out of sight in this photo)

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