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Fresh Apple Mint

Here is a new Apple TeaPot and the first of this years garden bounty " AppleMint"... So refreshing in Iced Tea! Only 2 bunches for sale so be the first to get yours!


Today I brought in the first of this years garden produce . The first  2 bunches of organic Apple mint…perfect in Iced Tea!

The Gnomes are out in the Garden.

Old Alba's nearest neighbor.

The oleanders froze during the unusual super-cold days this winter, their dead leaves are blowing everywhere. They need to be cut back to about 1 foot high , then we will see if the roots lived.

Last night when I got home from the Funky K,  the Garden Gnomes were out working in their yards 

Unckle and his goodwife Nanca live around the bend in the path from Old Alba’s house.  I haven’t seen her out yet, but that is hardly surprising, because she has the Watcher’s cloak that hides her from view most of the time.  She always watches the Woods, and will raise an alarm if anything dangerous leaves the Wood, although nothing has for the last 15 years.  I will try to encounter her next time she is visible, and post her photo here. In the meantime here is part of her story.
“She had been a watcher for over 30 years, and in all that time she had only seen 1 fellow, a friend of her mate Rogather, come out of the Wood.  The two had passed beyond the sunlight into the dense dark earlier that same day, against her sage advice, mind you,  looking for some goats who had, they thought, been stolen ( later the three goats were found down the pathway to Unckle’s house… engaged in a feasting…on some rotten potatoes Unc had thrown onto his compost pile), but they had not listened to her!  So that when  Haperound had burst out of the wood an hour or two later, running for his life, as if pursued by demons, hysterically screaming that something had taken Rogath, she was not that surprised. When he had barely paused a moment by Alba in her watching chair to report the loss of his friend before speeding breathlessly along the path towards his home, she was not that upset because she knew her mate was a smart, resourceful man, and that he was sure to be just a few feet behind his friend. However, after waiting a long while, no Rogather, but she did hear banging and trampling sounds from the wood she made the decision to sound the alarm and alert the others who quickly responded with weapons to guard the way. But nothing had followed Haperound. After a few hours when it became clear that nothing was chasing the affrighted Haperound out of the wood they had all returned to their own homes. To this day Rogather had never returned, Alba tried to recruit villagers to search for her mate, but no one was willing to enter the wood. Hap’s story, so wild and disjointed, and he, so frightened he never recovered but lapsed into an almost catatonic state, in which he remains to this day, had so alarmed the villagers that no one had been foolish enough to enter the wood and nothing had come out of the wood in all that time. Until now… “

Photos Today

Staying home isn't so bad, Dad lets me play in the catnip patch.

PlumaBlanca in his catnip patch.
I really miss being at work but until Mom is feeling better I have to stay home.

I can take a nap outside, and have wonderful catnip dreams.

Every day when I get ready to come to work Pluma wants to come, his sad little face says  “What about me?”  Although I am feeling a bit better, I still can’t lift him so he’s home bound for a while yet. 

Today I have had some wonderful ladies in the shop helping out. Karen and Sara are working on getting a Facebook page for Funky Karma 2.  It should be up soon, check it out when you have time.
Anastasia will be in the shop tomorrow reading Tarot from 12-5pm. Call for an appointment or just come on by.

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