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New in the Shop Today,

Use for clearing troubles and to lighten the spirit, cut away the dead wood and allow new growth to happen.For a stronger marriage

More Birthday Pics

This new Buddha, from Barbie shares the outdoor altar with the Virgin and Kuan Yin.

Evil Eye Amulet, Witches hammer Necklace, plus many more, each better than the one before it!

My Birthday Bonanza

This lovely handspun woll and silk amulet bag, handcrochet by my friend Carolina especially for my birthday is one of my favorite gifts. Many of you know that I crochet myself, and know the time and effort that it takes to complete a project like this. My Grandmother used used to say that every stitch was a prayer for the person who recieved it. I am very blessed to have this wonderful hand crafted baqg.

Cute Fairy card, beads, shell, great smelling Kyphi incense, we burned some on the outdoor altar this weekend. a volcanic rock from Anaga Tenerife.

Henry and I bought a new stature of the virgin for our outdoor altar. He isn't happy with the color and wants to repaint.

I love the new Kuan Yin Henry found for me, she shares the outdoor altar with the others, Buddha and the Virgin. Our garden is tripplely blessed!

Looks like I am organized...if only it would stay so!

Finally today I have some time to post pictures of my birthday!

gently used

Found this at the Restore, Habitat for humanity's store, thought it would be perfect for my office/workspace to hold oil bottles and raw ingredients for oils and incenses.

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