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Todays New Product

Use to scare off evil.

Bat Nut, Devil Pod, Bull Nut, Buffalo Nut

The Bat Nut, a seed pod from an aquatic Asian plant, is considered a good luck charm, used to ward off evil, and can be included in Mojo Bags for “Jinx Breaking”, ‘Keep Away Enemies or “Run Devil Run”, (anoint with the appropriate oil). Some traditions place the nut on an altar as an offering to the darker gods, or the tricksters such as Eshu, Ellegua, Legba, or Hades, Pluto, or Maximon or hang over a doorway to prevent evil from entering the home or business. Depending on how one looks at this edible (ONLY when cooked) seed pod, it resembles an enraged bull demon, a flying bat or a goat horned devi goat horned devil.

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  1. Would you sell me some dear?

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