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New in the Shop today,

  • New in the shop today…
  • Nag Champa..40gram, 100gram also Nag Cones!
  • Red Nag ..40gram
  • Golka Nag 40 gram, 100 gram
  • Frank & Myrrh 8gram
  • Nag Champa Flora
  • All are great Holiday gifts.

santa sleeps

I couldn’t resist this…so cute and no kittens in the tree!


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Witches Runes

Yesterday was such a wonderful day,  I got to stay home all day…no errands got done!… and play in my garden shed …had coffee there, read a book and then worked on rune sets in preparation for the upcoming class on Witches Runes, December 10th at 1PM.

Henry had cut the Mesquite branches (from a neighbors pruning) several months ago, now they are nicely dried and ready to be sanded. It was so comfortable sitting in the shed with the sun shinning in so warm and rejuvenating.

I set up a workstation on the desk for wood burning the symbols into the sanded discs.

burning symbols

It took both of us to do the woodburning but by taking turns we got it done easily.

These Rune sets will be for sale in the shop later today and also at the class.

A of the finished Rune sets were passed through the smoke of the purifying and protective smoke then consecrated to their purpose...result...Ready To Use!

Small Business Saturday…

Everyone who knows me has heard many times my standard lecture about the value of small businesses.  They built this country, they keep the money locally, and they are your friends.

Please support the local small businesses in your town. (Hey that means Funky Karma too!)

Small Business Saturday | November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday, November 26

Saturday, November 26, 2011 is Small Business Saturday® – a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities.  Please join the SBA and organizations across the country in supporting your local small business by shopping at a small business.

Support Your Local Businesses on “Small Business Saturday” – a message from Karen Mills, SBA Administrator

How You Can Participate

For shoppers

Happy Thanksgiving Day…

Pluma, Henry and I wish everyone a wonderful day tomorrow, please enjoy friends and family gatherings, delicious Turkey dinners and easy afternoon naps.  See ya all on Friday during the sane hours of 10AM-6PM.

A quick update on activities at the Funky Karma Shop

Dec. 3rd 10-6 Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
Dec. 4th 11AM The ECK Vidya, The Ancient Science of Prophecy. “Ways to recognize the Flow of Divine Spirit in The Cycles of Your Life.”
Dec.10th How to use Witches Runes and meanings of Pentacle and Pentagram, FREE CLASS, 1PM Jim Heath teaching – This is the first time we have offered this class, Please attend, our plan is to make Jim welcome so that he will teach other classes, he is an overflowing fount of information!
Dec 10th   Tarot Readings with Anastasia 10-6 PM  $20.00
Dec 14th 6;30 PM Singing Hu, Free
Dec. 17th PlumaBlanca Fashion Show,See Pluma as Santa, an Elf and in other great costumes, Free Tea Tasting and
5 card  Mini-readings with Anastasia  $5.00
Dec. 24th Readings with Anastasia   $20.00
Funky Karma will close at 3PM on Christmas Eve and re-open Tuesday Dec. 27th at 10AM for the Annual After Christmas Sale!!!
Dec 31st Tarot Readings with Anastasia. Just in time for the New Year you can find out “What does the New Year hold for Me?”     $20.00
Funky Karma will close at 3PM on New Years Eve and re-open on Jan 3rd. at 10AM
Jan 7 Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
Jan. 8th 11AM The ECK Vidya,  Book Study.  The Ancient Science of Prophecy. “Ways to recognize the Flow of Divine Spirit in The Cycles of Your Life.”
Jan. 11 th 6:30-7PM Singing Hu Free
Jan 14th Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
Jan 21st Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
Jan 28th Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
3207 S. Main St.
Las Cruces NM 88005
OPEN  Tues-Sat. 10-6
              Most Sundays 11-3
“Come enjoy the Funky Karma Experience”

Pluma’s viewpoint- see me in clothes…

So today Mom put clothes on me again…I am bein’ a “Bah Humbug” today because  she won’t let me play with all the pretty Holiday decorations she is puttin out.  What’s the use of having dangling stuff if I can’t play with it?

I have several ornaments to match me mood today. Holidays...who needs em!

Pluma’s viewpoint…I’m giving it up

Hey, door, open sez me.

Hello furiends,

me and a coupla other cats had this plan to have Trick or Treat every day…I do lots of tricks and Mom gives me lots of treats..seemed like it woudda worked out good for me.  But in actuality it didn’t work out too well,  seems that doin’ tricks gets a cat LESS treats!  Not more. Howd that happen?  How was I to know that my Mom would fail to get the message?

All she did was yell at me more, (I’m deaf, you know) and give me the FINGER, the sign that means ‘ you better not do that’ (Hey cats , simply turn the head, admire the ceiling, maybe there is a spider you can save her from, Never admit you see the finger!) and once she gave me the hand sign that means, ‘ oh oh time out coming’.  When I tried the tricks routine with Dad, he got real mad and put me on house arrest.  Now I can’t go out at all.  Not go out!!!, all I did was jump the fence and go next door, So after a nap and some reflexion I have decided to give up the “Occupy Trick or Treat” plan and find another angle to get more treats.

But wait a minute, I don’t like treats that much, I do love my crunchy cat food, and tuna juice, but those treats just aren’t that appealing to me.  What I totally crave is going outside.  I’m only allowed in Moms garden under supervision, when she or Dad are there to watch me play, as long as I stay in the yard. I love sittin’ under the chili plants, nibbling the grass, tending my catnip patch, (it need regular testing for quality control, I wouldn’t wanna sell inferior catnip!), chasing flutterbys, drinkin’ out of the stream Mom builds, she calls it waterin, and sniffing all the herbs that are grown for the Funky Karma Store.  But now I’m on house arrest, that means I can’t go out and if I sneak out I get brought right in with more of that infernal hand signaling.  how long is this going to last?

If only I could move this door, can't be that hard cause Mom can do it, I want out!

Changed my office around today…

So, this is where my office floor cat bed is, but its gettin' small for me. Did it shrink?

A much better day..

Despite the clouds that remind me of days lived in other states where the joy of sparkling sunshine is not guaranteed, all is bright and sunny in the Funky Karma Shop today.  Rose tea steeping, fireplace decoration plans made for the FK Event Center…by the way I need a much cooler name for that awesome room, might have to organize a contest to see who can come up with  the coolest name…the prize could be a free use of said room.

Happy day to all

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