A glimpse into the daily happenings in the Funky Karma Magick Shop

Hey, door, open sez me.

Hello furiends,

me and a coupla other cats had this plan to have Trick or Treat every day…I do lots of tricks and Mom gives me lots of treats..seemed like it woudda worked out good for me.  But in actuality it didn’t work out too well,  seems that doin’ tricks gets a cat LESS treats!  Not more. Howd that happen?  How was I to know that my Mom would fail to get the message?

All she did was yell at me more, (I’m deaf, you know) and give me the FINGER, the sign that means ‘ you better not do that’ (Hey cats , simply turn the head, admire the ceiling, maybe there is a spider you can save her from, Never admit you see the finger!) and once she gave me the hand sign that means, ‘ oh oh time out coming’.  When I tried the tricks routine with Dad, he got real mad and put me on house arrest.  Now I can’t go out at all.  Not go out!!!, all I did was jump the fence and go next door, So after a nap and some reflexion I have decided to give up the “Occupy Trick or Treat” plan and find another angle to get more treats.

But wait a minute, I don’t like treats that much, I do love my crunchy cat food, and tuna juice, but those treats just aren’t that appealing to me.  What I totally crave is going outside.  I’m only allowed in Moms garden under supervision, when she or Dad are there to watch me play, as long as I stay in the yard. I love sittin’ under the chili plants, nibbling the grass, tending my catnip patch, (it need regular testing for quality control, I wouldn’t wanna sell inferior catnip!), chasing flutterbys, drinkin’ out of the stream Mom builds, she calls it waterin, and sniffing all the herbs that are grown for the Funky Karma Store.  But now I’m on house arrest, that means I can’t go out and if I sneak out I get brought right in with more of that infernal hand signaling.  how long is this going to last?

If only I could move this door, can't be that hard cause Mom can do it, I want out!


Comments on: "Pluma’s viewpoint…I’m giving it up" (1)

  1. catfromhell said:

    Yous is just like Kozmo! He hates it now its cold and he doin’t wants to go out as much. Mes will lets yous know though – He did catch one of those quails!!!
    Nellie – The cat From Hell

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