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Pluma’s viewpoint…on death

Pluma here…Mom said I could write this as her and Dad’s eyes are leaking water all over the place…we all have a powerful sad.  My good friend Diane went to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday nite only a few hours after she came home from the hospital.  (Well, cats go to the bridge, I yam not sure where she went.)  But Mommy tole me I won’t see her again at my house or the store, that she had passed away, however I yam not too sure what ‘death’ really means.

She was one of my bestest friends ever!  She knew where my foods was and gave me more when I meowed.  For several months when she lived at my house I got early breakfast  from her and because mom didn’t know that I got second breakfast when Mom got up.  Also because I yam deaf I can’t go outside by my self, Diane would let me out to play in the garden and watch to keep me safe every day.  When my Mommy hurted her ribs and couldn’t lift me Diane came every morning and nite to give me a ‘Pluma lift’ in my suitcase to and from the car so as I could work.  I will miss her very much.  We will have a memorial service for her here in the event center as soon as her brother Bill lets my pawrents know his arrival time. Maybe Mommy will post here tomorrow when her eyes stop leaking.

Comments on: "Pluma’s viewpoint…on death" (6)

  1. chanting pup said:

    I am sorry for you loss but as with death comes rebirth and in the rebirth we rejoice
    blessed be

  2. Pluma,
    I am sorry to hear about Diane. She was such a nice person and I had some wonderful conversations with her when I visited the store. I bought a used computer from her, and she was glad to hook it up again have me test it out. We discussed Egyptian religion and I helped her identify identities of several Egyptian ceramic busts she cherished. I will always have fond memories of her.
    Paul Olson

  3. We are so sorry for the loss of your friend, Diane sounds like she was a wonderful person to know. We are sending soft purrs to you and your family.

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