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I Efurryone,

Hope you are all well, we are having the colds weather again…I want my warm sun back so I can enjoy my catnip garden!  Hey, here is my problem…Mommy has found the best cat harness for me, she saw it on another cat blog and finally tracked it down and we are sooooo excited but just found out that the store selling it doesn’t ship to the USA!  Imagine that.  It is a “Trixie Cat Harness XCat” from Zooplus.com and even has a “Security” badge she can purchase for it…I yam a working cat, you know, and security is one of my areas of  expertise.  I would so look great in that harness, and Mom says it is more comfortable for me and easier to put on.   we are going to explore other ways to get it so stay tuned for updates on this impawtant topic.




Comments on: "Pluma here, with a harness problem," (3)

  1. catfromhell said:

    Me was looking for something similar a while back and found this
    They ships everywhere in the world.

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