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Pluma in the garden,

I had a great Sunday and Monday… my new harness came and when I have it on I can be outside!  I LOVE to be outside.

I can sit in moms shed, look out at everything in the yard.

I like to drink water from the headwaters of the stream that waters the spring circle garden, I gets very thursty!

Sniff, sniff. Mom says theres somethink wrong wiff these tulips but they smell fine to me!

Did you notice anything about me in these pictures?  Nothing attached to my harness.  Mom says that just having it on turns me into a good boy, wait, I am always a good boy!  She says if I try to escape I will get hitched up…that can’t be good!


Comments on: "Pluma in the garden," (5)

  1. Hello Pluma! Thanks for visiting my blog today – I thought I’d drop by and say hello and see what’s up with you in your world! I notice we’re both “harness boys” – except I like YOUR harness better than mine. I go for walks with my Mom when I have on my harness – it’s dangerous around here because there’s LOTS of foxes down in our woods. EEEK!

    Your Friend Sammy

  2. catfromhell said:

    Nice harness! Me has to get me one!

  3. Oh Dog! A trustworthy cat? I don’t believe it!

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