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I heard it was National Smelling Day…

Humm, these smell good.

And so Pluma is …

smelling the wedding flowers

smelling tulips

Views of the garden

Mom has a shed to hold all her garden books, drying racks for herbs, chairs for wintertime dreaming, and other assorted things she treasures. Dad ran an electric line there for her lights, radio and wood burning tools.

The garden has a maze of pathways to the different areas. In the back left near Dads shed you can see barrels for dirt, compost and manure.

Iris, Rue, Russian Blue Sage, Thyme, Lavender, Roses, Orange Mint, and more!

A space for everything inside the shed, well, almost, Mom says she could fill a larger space but...

Monday in the garden with Pluma

Several volunteer catnip plants have grown up between the patio bricks. As we need all the nip that will grow Mom lets them live there and i personally test each plant for nippy strength.

All catnips are good but this one is good and strong.

Looks like Pluma had enough catnip for now and he is busy watching the crookneck squash grow.

New Classes beginning in May…

‘1st and 3rd Thursdays Ladies Nite’, Starts in May. 6:30-7:30 May 3 & 17, each week a different topic, only $5.oo The first meeting will cover smudging, cleansing and protection. Meeting leaders Janet, Pluma and Maria Ravenhawk.

May 19th ‘Working with Energetic Symbols’ May 19th 1-3pm $22.00 paid ahead, $27.oo paid day of class. Enhance your Wiccan path and ritual by incorporating symbols of focused energy for healing and spiritual developement. Class taught by Nysia.

Space is limited so please let us know that you plan to attend.

Pluma’s garden adventure…before the grooming awfulness

Look, soft dirt, I could have a ball here!

I helped Mommy plant flowers in the garden

Hmm, smell nice!

"No Pluma, I already planted those flowers, don't dig them up!"
Pluma is thinking...I love digging, I yam furiously digging, I yam crazy pants for digging! I could dig to China!

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