A glimpse into the daily happenings in the Funky Karma Magick Shop

Look, soft dirt, I could have a ball here!

I helped Mommy plant flowers in the garden

Hmm, smell nice!

"No Pluma, I already planted those flowers, don't dig them up!"
Pluma is thinking...I love digging, I yam furiously digging, I yam crazy pants for digging! I could dig to China!


Comments on: "Pluma’s garden adventure…before the grooming awfulness" (5)

  1. Thanks for visiting Gardenhood and gathering up another white kitty’s impressions. I have friends from Grand Marais, MN who have a place in Las Cruces, Jerry and (…drat, another 50’s moment). All good things to you!

  2. Meow Pluma. Now leave those plants for your mum to grow!

  3. Uh oh…..cats and dirt are definitely good friends but oh that “cleaning them up” stuff afterwards is a CHALLENGE! Pluma’s harness looks so cute – like a mini-t-shirt!

    Pam (and Sammy)

  4. catfromhell said:

    Oh! Me loves to dig too! Me can’t waits for it to get warmer and less muddy, but in the meantime, me will go practice in my litter box!!!

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