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Who is this tan cat in my yard?

There was a sighting of a stranger cat in my yard this weekend…

Mom says this couldn’t be me, not her white cat, so who could it be?

Oh nos, looks like me, do you think I rolled in the dirt? But my face is clean.  No Mom I do not need a bath, it is just dirt!

New in the shop today…

We went on a vacation for the Memorial Day Weekend and just happened to find many great products for the shop… so here is a small listing…

Although the box says coffee, it is really a glass tea pot, we have 3 new and different models, some will even work on the stove top.

This good looking glass tea pot works well with any tea but displays the Blooming Teas especially well.

Look, 3 new Tea Canisters, perfect to store your loose leaf teas.

I found several really neat TeaPots- and you know I have never found a teapot that I didn’t like!

Also, a new shipment of Tea, all of our favorites are restocked, and here is a new one…Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Tea…smells devine.

Money Incense


This incense is ready and packaged for pickup in the shop, or can shipped to you.

Our very popular herbal Money Incense begins with Coreopsis,

Golden coin shaped round flowers, a good beginning for our popular Money Incense.

These bloom all summer; picking the flowers encourages more to bloom.

Dried flower heads shrink quite a bit, it is a good thing that I have several clumps of this growing, some in pots others in the ground.

This Money Incense, designed to be burned with charcoal, contains other herbs and spices including pine, cinnawmon, jasmine and others and has an enticing orangey/lemony scent.

we will be making new batches of this incense throughout the summer and fall.


What is a green house?

This is the bricked in sand box, Dad calls it a green house, that caused me so much problem last week.

Dad is going to build a green house here, he laid out the floorplan in brick, some day it will have walls, windows and a roof, but it kinda looks like something else to me!!

I do not have my harness jacket on, don’t tell Mom.


Happy Mothers Day…

Here I yam, sitting with my Mom, she is working, I yam staying near her.

I love my Mom and want to say “Happy Moms Day” to her and all of the other Mothers reading this.  I yam going to wake her up very early tomorrow so we can spend the day together.

No pics today but

This is what happened.

I was outside helping my Dad in the garden, well, Mom gardens, Dad does ‘projects’.  so this project is a greenhouse, whatever that is, and Dad and I were laying out the foundation, a brick rectangle inside of which is a lot of sand.  All of a sudden I had to go potty so I run fast to the door to go inside to my box but the door was shut!  So I meow but no one hears me.  Help I gotta go!  So I run back to Dad, he is digging in the sand, moving piles of sand, I don’t know why.  ‘Hey Dad, let me in, I gotta go, before I have an accident’.  (Kitties, I want you all to know I, Pluma, have NEVER EVER had an accident) Then I run back to the door and Meow really loud.  Thankfully Dad hears me and comes to open the door, and I run to my box and dig in the litter. Whew, just in time.

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