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No pics today but

This is what happened.

I was outside helping my Dad in the garden, well, Mom gardens, Dad does ‘projects’.  so this project is a greenhouse, whatever that is, and Dad and I were laying out the foundation, a brick rectangle inside of which is a lot of sand.  All of a sudden I had to go potty so I run fast to the door to go inside to my box but the door was shut!  So I meow but no one hears me.  Help I gotta go!  So I run back to Dad, he is digging in the sand, moving piles of sand, I don’t know why.  ‘Hey Dad, let me in, I gotta go, before I have an accident’.  (Kitties, I want you all to know I, Pluma, have NEVER EVER had an accident) Then I run back to the door and Meow really loud.  Thankfully Dad hears me and comes to open the door, and I run to my box and dig in the litter. Whew, just in time.


Comments on: "No pics today but" (6)

  1. Oh dearie me…..well, thankfully your Dad finally “got the message” and you were able to “take care of business” in your box. Honestly – sometimes humans can be SO dense! Overall though, they are fairly easily trained, don’t you think Pluma????

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. It’s just easier being a dog….. Just lift and go!

  3. now that is one well mannered kitteh! I totally understand his concern…no respectable cat has an accident! Way to go Pluma

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