A glimpse into the daily happenings in the Funky Karma Magick Shop

There was a sighting of a stranger cat in my yard this weekend…

Mom says this couldn’t be me, not her white cat, so who could it be?

Oh nos, looks like me, do you think I rolled in the dirt? But my face is clean.  No Mom I do not need a bath, it is just dirt!


Comments on: "Who is this tan cat in my yard?" (4)

  1. catfromhell said:

    Thanks yous for coming to my surprise Birthday pawty. Opps, yous did not want your Mommy to know,,,

  2. Pluma, Pluma, Pluma…buddy…ya gotta think ahead!!! Seriously, you let your Mom stick you in the sink bath??? Did you scream about peep brutality??? And next time you might just think about tidying up more than the face…at least go for the toes, or something else…be less noticeable…sigh…hope you survived furriend

  3. Uh oh Pluma….I think you just might be in trouble….I’m looking into my crystal ball and seeing a bath in your immediate future!!!! (but I bet it was fun rolling around in the dirt :D).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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