A glimpse into the daily happenings in the Funky Karma Magick Shop

Laser Eyes.

Lookin at you with my laser eyes on full blast

And can you sees the reflective tape on my harness?  Mommy does not want to lose me!

My friend Miss Ann will be in the shop tomorrow with her laser eyes on her Tarot cards, she sees everything! But sometimes I help her.  I can pull a card and it is always the right one!


Comments on: "Laser Eyes." (3)

  1. ooohhhhh…Pluma Blanca…you are soooooo….ummmm…aahhhh…well, ahem…wild looking! wow!

  2. catfromhell said:

    Those is cool lasers yous gots going! Today my card was the Moon!

  3. ACK! Zombie cat!

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