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It has been over 100 degrees for several days now so I thought a little bit of last winter might be fun…

Pics of a little ice storm we had.

It was really pretty and didn’t last long, some of that cool would sure feel good right now!

I yam lookin around the garden gate an settin in the snow…cold…burr.

So I yam thinkin we need a little cold to balance the hots we have here this week!  Mind power!!

Speakin of balance, my Mom doesnt haves any!  She has to wear an eyepatch for a while, has surgery on Monday and will have to wear it for awhile after…says her balance is off, and keeps banging into things.  Daddy has to drive her fors awhile until she gets all betters. The good part is she can’t sees me too well and I can do whatever I want! Yeah.  I yam climbing up the big shelf. to the top!!


Comments on: "Do you remember when it was cold?" (8)

  1. I wish it was cool again! *sigh*

  2. Mom will only have one peeper open to keep an eye on things? Oh baby now it’s YOUR turn! Keep to the blind side! But seriously, Mom — so sorry to hear you’ve got a “procedure” coming up. Purrs for your safe recovery.

    • Well, that’s a good point of view, but she keeps STEPPIN on my tail! Even a one-eyed mom outta know better. She steps, I yell and she jumps. It is quite a comedy!
      Thanks for purrin for her, we will not be back on the internets until next thursday and will update everyone then.
      Have a good 4th!

  3. oh you went OUTSIDE in the SNOW???????? YIKES!!!

    • yep I sure did! it was fun and I wish there was snow out there today, it would feel good in this hot heat we are having…Mom says I didn’t stay out too long though.

  4. you go Pluma! but be careful, ‘cuz your huMom will need you to help her out until her eye gets better…she can hear for you and you can see for her…good team work!

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