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Noos ob the Day…

Hi Effurrybody, PlumaB here,

1. We are back in the Funky Karma Shop, and I yam soooo happy to be back at my workins!  It has been a difficult week at our house acouse Mom hadded her eye surgery, and I hadded to be the nurse for 3 whole days and nites.  That was too much work for one cat. She sleeped alot, was always puttin eye drops in and wantin Dad to do something.  I yam eggzausted!

2. then Dad’s family moved in to our house.  They are in the guest room where I yam not allowed and in Dad’s room too!  There are boys wif caps on their heads and I an ascarid of caps acouse someone hurted me when I was lost outside and that lousy person hadded a cap on.  I had to hide under Mom’s bed all day and nite…Dad says somethin about a family reunion but I don know what that is.  I yam gonna live at the shop furever, and nebber go back to that house wif all those people. 

 Dad says, “Pluma, why are you scared of people at the house and not scared of people at the store?”

“Because, Dad, the people at the store are mai friends, they pet me, I know them.  the people in the house, I NEBBER SAW THEM BEFUR.”

“Well, Pluma, you better get used to them because they are staying for 2 weeks.”

“2 WEEKS! How long is that?  The rest of my life?  Til after the snow comes back?  No I yam staying at the shop”

3. Lots of new fragrance and body oils in the shop this week.  My friend Miss Ann will be in tomorrow wif Tarot Readings.  Mom can almost see and hasn’t steped on my tail all day.  I yam having tuna for lunch!


Comments on: "Noos ob the Day…" (6)

  1. catfromhell said:

    Me is happy your Mommy gots her eye fixed and me knows what yous means about STRANGERS! Wes had some at our house too! One was a little human. me is especially skared of little humans! Why does they come and why can’t they goes someplace else? Oh well. UTB is OK.
    Lives yous and hopes yous gets used to the strangers soon!

  2. Pluma, grab next jet to my house! Just me, Mom and Dad! No cap people! Dad…get Pluma a plane ticket now!!

    • Hi Savannah,
      Mom said I couldn’t jet to your house acause I’m not allowed out of the yard, bummer, and I was all packed too. I had my catnip, my shoe lace and was tryin to get my bed in a bag when she ruined my fun, but thanks for the invite.
      Pluma, dictated from UTB.

  3. I’m Glad mom is better, and sorry about the cap invasion.

  4. Poor Pluma! Well, first of all we’re glad your Mom has her eye “fixed” even though you are getting stepped on occasionally. Secondly, I think I’d probably want to stay at the shop too if there were scary strangers in my house…..in my case I just go to the basement which is pretty much mine anyway, but at your house you might not have a place like that so staying at the shop with people you know and trust seems like a purrrrrrrfectly find solution until the company leaves! Be patient – I’m sure your Dad enjoys seeing his family and we DO want our humans to be happy right????

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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