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Hi Effurryone,

Hope you are all doin fine, stayin cool and havin fun this summer,

Mom’s eye is healing so well that the human vet doc says she can have the other eye done on Monday, that way they can both heal together. This eye will be much simpler, no pesky cysts, just a cat-ar-act: she is not really lookin forward to this but feels it is the best thing to get it all done now and be done with it.  So we are back to eye drops, eye patches and a cranky Mom.  Dad, who just had 2 weeks vacation, (he calls it ‘work’ at home) now needs 3 more days off to take Mom to the eye vet and put eye drops every 2 hours, cook dinners and watch me play in the garden.  His boss isn’t seeing it his way so may have to use the Family Leave Act, but that is mucho paperwork so he is cussing and damning that is being debated and discussed, and plans made.  Mom says we will work thru Saturday, then close til Thursday so ifen you need somethink come on in.

Several volunteer catnip plants have grown up between the patio bricks. As we need all the nip that will grow Mom lets them live there and when I am able to go outside I personally test each plant for nippy strength. Counting volunteers and planted catnips I have 11 large plants. That means 11 leaves to test everyday, although some plants need 2 or 3 leaves eaten to assure quality testing.

Because I have had to nurse my cranky Mom  been delighted to assist in helping with Moms recovery, there were several days that I NEEDED to visit my catnip plantation, if you know what I mean.  And we have had company, Dad calls them relatives, for the last 2 weeks, so our house has been busy.  We think we will be back to normal soon. The company leaves tomorrow; I will be able to come out from under the bed. Mom has her 2nd eye fixed on Monday and we should all be back at work on Thursday July 19th: that is Ladies Meeting Night, Miss Ann, who always brings me delicious treats will be teaching that nite.

Mom says we have been given some awards and as soon as her eyes are good enough to figure out what to do with then she will do that.  I can’t wait!! I love getting things, although I don’t know what ‘awards’ are, maybe like treats or somethink.

Purrs, Pluma.


Comments on: "Update on Mom’s eye and my catnip plantation." (13)

  1. Hey PlumaB….
    Mom told us she had the surgery that your Mom had but we weren’t even born yet when it happened. We’re glad to hear that the human vet did a good job. Sometimes it’s so hard taking care of humans. It seems when they get sick or injured they can really be babies. We have catnip growing in our yard but it’s on the other side of the fence so we can’t reach it. Mom’s been pretty good about cutting some off and bringing it into the yard for us. We’re going to try and convince her to grow some of it in the back yard so we can take care of it. Think it will work?

  2. oh, crud! we double-posted acause we din’t think the furrst one went through–sorry!

  3. that’s some good news about yer mom’s eyes. our mommer’s mom had hers done at diffrent times, an’ said she wisht she coulda avoided haffin’ two recoveries, so we’re sure yer mom’ll be happy. we sends her good thoughts an’ soft purrs!

    we fink you are furry lucky to haf yer own catnip plantation!! we nefur get any fresh ‘nip, just the dried kind–but that’s ok. we likes that, too. an’ we totally unnerstans about “NEEDIN'” some nip when there are visitors–an’ we don’t haff no beds to hide unner; we gots to slink behint the couch an’ chairs or perch up onna cabnets inna laundry room to be invisible!

  4. we’s glad to know your mom’s eyes are gonna be all ok pretty soon. we unnerstans about “NEEDIN'” yer nip–just one day wif a cranky mom spawns the need in alla us!! we keeps suggestin’ to our mommer that we needs to grow some, but she sez the weather this year is “counter-productive”, whutefurr that is. i know we haffn’t gotten many beans or taters to play wif since it turned warm. so “nip” a little “nip” in memory of us poor, unnipped cats the next time you’re out in the garden.

  5. Glad everything is going well! I hope for a nice speedy recovery and that your daddy doesn’t have too much trouble getting off work…Thanks for the updates pluma :o)

  6. Hi Pluma…..wow…..your very own catnip plantation….that’s GREAT and I’m sure while it’s a lot of work tending to the plants, you’re loving every minute of it (wink wink). Glad to hear your Mom’s eye is better – it’s probably been tough around there with you taking care of her AND staying out of the way of the company too!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. catfromhell said:

    Does your plants grows really tall? We has some growing and Mommy cuts their tops off when they gots to be about 4 feet tall! Now they is getting really bushy and they is growing tall again! Mommy planted ours in a drainage pipe that is only about 6 inches across so they would nots takes over the garden and the plants is just huge!!!
    PS We hopes your Mommy’s eyes heals up really fast! and we knows how yous feels about company, me and Kozmo has been UTB quite a few times already this summer

    • Hi Nellie,
      Our catnip would grow very tall but Mom cuts it every week,
      dries it and makes catnip toys we sell in the store.
      I eat as much as I can before she cuts it.
      Have a good week, I yam off to nurse Mom until next Thursday,

  8. Paul Olson said:

    I enjoyed this immensely

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