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Can you see me now?

So I was havin a good day outside this morning…playing in my garden.  Mom was watering and I yam thinkin…

‘This is a Great Day!’

Then Mom says,  ‘OK Pluma, time to go in.  I have to go to work.’

‘Noooo, I just got outside, I don’t want to go in.’

‘Sorry, I know you want to stay outside longer, but it is getting late and I have to open the store.  You can stay home today and after Dad sleeps for a while he might bring you back out.


  Can you believe it?  Ruins my whole day, and I decide to get even.

  I chase her down the hallway and grab her ankle and put the bitey on her leg.

“Pluma, that is a BAD CAT!!! You can not bite me.’

Oh yes I can and I JUST DID.  Now open this door and let me outside.

“Pluma, you are not going out right now.  You do not make the rules, you are not in charge here.’

What!    Not in charge?    But I yam…I yam the CAT.  The cat is always in charge.





Comments on: "I yam hidin in the Wild Alyssum Fields," (6)

  1. Well, hello to you – so nice to meet you. You sound like my tabby, who simply yells the whole place down until he’s let out. Looking forward to following all your mischief.

  2. The mystery is how she spotted you when you were so well hidden!

  3. The bitey thing is necessary sometimes because humans can get a little slow to understand.
    Besides your garden looks great!

  4. Pluma, I don’t get the bitey thingy??? I don’t do that…never thought about it…but I’m thinkin’ maybe you and Sammy have an idea here…tell me more about your technique…do you do it on the run? do you bite and stare?…thanks, tips are always good…paw pats, Savannah peeEss I like your Word PRess theme! Just like mine!!

  5. Humans shouldn’t be allowed to carry us fur people into the house when we want to stay outside and play. We must stick together on this!!!

  6. Oh Pluma – don’t you just HATE it when our humans get the idea that they are in charge? Obviously we need to do a bit of “re-training”….I have to resort to the “bitey” myself on occasion to remind my Mom who’s the boss around here – my favorite bitey spots are ankles, but a hand or arm will do in a pinch.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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