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Eggplant growing thru the bench.


Hardly any room on the bench to sit but the plant loves it!  We have eaten several yummy eggplants this summer, plan to grow more next year.  At present there are several growing , supper in a week or 2.  In front are the yellow and red bell peppers, some have been stuffed for dinners and some made into salsa and  sauces for winter consumption.

Big Yard Sale Today

We have a big sale in the back yard today,

Come on by!! and buy!!

Harvesting Flowers and Herbs, earlier in the summer

I pick almost daily…to get the finest blooms and leaves at the best time,

Last years new pink rose is blooming, many buds to come.

The first harvest of 2012. Pink Roses. Will be used in an incense blend, after drying, and after many more are picked.

Beautiful Roses, smell divine!

The 1st of the new rose, a climbing Blaze, this one won’t be picked but enjoyed. Later on we harvest lots of red roses for incense blends.

Now, these pretty roses have been turned into the best smelling Love Drawing Incense…come in to see and smell!


Our garden this weekend.


I climbed a tree! there was a birdie but I didn’t get him.


I stayed in the tree a long time but the birdie wouldn’t get in my mouth!  he flew away.  Then I jumped the fence into another yard, my Dad had to chase me and get me back.  When mom got home Dad told her and she was upset at me.  ‘Bad Pluma” she said.  I am a deaf cat, why is she talking to me?  OK I do read lips and I knew what that shaking finger meant.  She says I have to go back to wearing my harness. Bummer!

Pagan Pride Day 2012


It was a super awesome day, beautiful weather, super nice people, great sales!

cauldron fire this weekend


We burn a fire every weekend, oftener if possible, to ask Blessings for all of our customers, friends and family.

All who are donating to our Building Acquisition Fund are included…Good things are coming your way!

Only 2 more weeks until our closing and we still need some financing but are almost there,  Thank you for all of your help and prayers!!

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