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Selling my catnip!!!


What do you mean you are selling my catnip so you can buy a building?

Who needs a building!  I NEED catnip!

Oh, there will still be enough for me, that’s good.


Comments on: "Selling my catnip!!!" (10)

  1. Hi Pluma. I received my nip, including a live fly!! How thoughtful of you!! Anyways, I am still trying it out…I may not have been born with the ‘nip’ gene…and please check my blog because I passed an award to you. sending purrrrrssss to you my mancat furriend, Savannah http://wp.me/2coiX

  2. But is there ever enough catnip?

  3. catfromhell said:

    Our catnip was like 6 feet tall and Mommy ripped them put and threw them over the river back (telling me that the seeds would grow wild there) and the DEER ate them all! Me is just so mad! And if they don’t come back next year, me is going to do something (gots any ideas Puma)?

  4. Paul Olson said:

    I am having spinal stenosis surgery tomorrow, thought you would like to know!

  5. Aiiieeee! Pluma…I was worried about you!!..thank Ceiling Cat you put your paw down fast! …pssst…whispering behind paw…could you just pop some of that fresh nip into a fed ex pouch and slap my name on it….never tried home grown before…just a thought…MOL

  6. Hi Pluma! Can’t say that I blame you for being a bit upset when you heard the catnip was going to be sold – – – good thing your Mom could reassure you that there would ALWAYS be some for YOU!!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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