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I stayed in the tree a long time but the birdie wouldn’t get in my mouth!  he flew away.  Then I jumped the fence into another yard, my Dad had to chase me and get me back.  When mom got home Dad told her and she was upset at me.  ‘Bad Pluma” she said.  I am a deaf cat, why is she talking to me?  OK I do read lips and I knew what that shaking finger meant.  She says I have to go back to wearing my harness. Bummer!


Comments on: "I climbed a tree! there was a birdie but I didn’t get him." (4)

  1. mistletoeandhitch said:

    I’ve climbed a tree a couple of times! I slipped out the door while the humans were coming in. They called to me, Hitch! Come back! But there was a squirrel you see? So I went up, up, up the tree. The I looked down and around my frown i said Meow! So I cried and cried and hours passed. The squirrel was long gone and the birds kept away, but the fire truck came and the town said, Hooray! The truck anchored it’s self on the street and a man in a hat rode a ladder to the tree. He extended a gloved hand and grabed me by the scruff, and down the tree we came the fireman and me. I’ve had the nice fire department come rescue me twice! They say they don’t rescue cats out of trees, but they are kind and tears leave them helpless. So help me they must. Now the humans are vigilant when coming in the door, like they can stop me if I want out more.

    • Wow, I neber saw a squirrel!! Do they have fevers like birdies? Mom says I better not need a fire truck! I know how to climb down by myself. but I am not allowed to climb a tree when she is watching me outside. Dad forgets to keep an eye on me so I can have adventures! he always says ‘Don’t tell Mom” but somehow she always finds out. She says ‘a little birdie told me’. I think she talks to da birds!!!

  2. Oh Pluma! A tree! You climbed! Wish I had learned to tolerate a harness then I could get outside with Mom

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