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January Classes at Funky Karma

New Classes for january…

Jan 3rd. 6:30 pm Ladies only Protection!! A must for the new year. Learn to protect yourself from negative energy, psychic sendings, harmful people and have safety during all your workings $5.00

Jan 13th 1PM same protection class, open to all, $5.oo

Jan 17th 6:30 Ladies only, Positive Money Flow. $5.00


need good luck?


My Daddy is coming home!!!

I haven’t told you but I have been a very sad boy ever since Thanksgiving Day when my Daddy had to get on a plane to go to Reno because his Mother is sick.  My Mom explained to me he had to go but I want him here to play with me.  Every day I sit by the door with my shoe lace in my mouth waiting for him to come back, but he doesn’t come in.  Where is he, I want to play!

I love my Mommy but she can’t play right, only Dad does.  She can’t throw the toys in the special way and never gets them up high.  I want my Dad!

I am waiting for Daddy.

I am waiting for Daddy.

Mom says he will be back tomorrow.  Is it tomorrow yet?  What time is tomorrow?

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