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My Daddy is coming home!!!

I haven’t told you but I have been a very sad boy ever since Thanksgiving Day when my Daddy had to get on a plane to go to Reno because his Mother is sick.  My Mom explained to me he had to go but I want him here to play with me.  Every day I sit by the door with my shoe lace in my mouth waiting for him to come back, but he doesn’t come in.  Where is he, I want to play!

I love my Mommy but she can’t play right, only Dad does.  She can’t throw the toys in the special way and never gets them up high.  I want my Dad!

I am waiting for Daddy.

I am waiting for Daddy.

Mom says he will be back tomorrow.  Is it tomorrow yet?  What time is tomorrow?


Comments on: "My Daddy is coming home!!!" (3)

  1. catfromhell said:

    me thinks yous is now overjoyed! There is nothing like having Daddy come home after being gone!

  2. Paul Olson said:

    Imagine the joy when Daddy comes in the door!
    I will try to write to you about my recovery when my hands aren’t so swollen!

  3. mistletoeandhitch said:

    It’s so hard when someone we care for goes away. It sweet that you wait for him every day. So many people think we cats are detached. Really, we love as deeply as anyone else, although we may not howl about as much as others. We hope your Dad’s Mum is feeling better and he’ll arrive home with that sitting lightly on his shoulders. We are sure that he’ll be looking forward to playing with you soon. Tomorrow’s just around the other side of tonight. Enjoy welcoming him home.
    Purrs to you
    Mistletoe & Hitch

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