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Changing the date of the suitcase show…

Well, we make plans and the universe changes them, so we roll with the new dateline with as much grace as we can. So it means redoing all of the advertising, reprinting flyers, calling everyone to explain, and countless other small tasks to redo.

The upshot is, real estate closings depend on several others, people up the line, one has to move before another can, permits take longer than expected…or promised…and as we are at the end of this chain instead of getting our newest building on the first of August, we will have the keys on the 15th of August.

The Suitcase Show will be August 17 and 18. Same rules apply. $5.00 to sell whatever you have in your suitcase. Come see our new building, this is a one time event, (unless we find a way to purchase another building). Grand opening of all the shops in the new space will be in September after lots of painting, redoing and general fixing up.

we are having a Suitcase Show…


1st ever Las Cruces

Suitcase Sale at

Funky Karma

3207 S. Main St

Vendor opportunity…Get a suitcase, fill it with anything (legal) that you want to sell and pay the $5.00 fee for 2 full days of sales in the Funky Karma Annex.

Buying opportunity…This Suitcase Show will feature a wide selection of goods, some handmade, some unusual items, cards, art, household items, baked goods, aprons, jewelry, and who knows what else!

Satisfy Your Curiosity …Come by and preview the next building in the Funky Karma family, in all it’s original glory then come back for the grand opening in September and see the transformation.

Sale will be August 3 & 4 10AM to 5PM

Call the shop for more details.


More Suitcase Show inspiration.


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