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projects in the new house

wpid-2014-10-27-08.39.39.jpgHi, long time no see!!  We have been busy, with the shop, of course, and with buying a new house.  it is a 100-year-old adobe house, large enough, and with a huge yard.  A new garden will sprout soon but first there is the moving in process, lots of truck loads of furniture and belongings, curtain hanging, kitchen arranging, and much more.

Although the house is move in ready, for the most part, some projects needed to be accomplished right away.
Like this door on my sun porch, leading to the ‘as yet to be garden’. Pluma says it is creepy, has 100-year-old paint on it and spiders. “Fix it Mom,’ he says.


A good brushing with a broom, one coat of paint,


some sunlight,


and cute ceramic heart.  We are ready to go out the door!!!  Garden here we come.

Comments on: "projects in the new house" (2)

  1. Sharon Gaskill said:

    Janet, good luck filled with love and happiness as you and Henry relocate to a new home. hugs, Sharon p.s. in new relationship with a childhood friend, we bought a house here in L.Cruces 5 months ago. we are just loving life !! Sharon Gaskill

    • Wow, I had no idea you have a new relationship and a new home!!! Congrats!!! we moved to a larger house, closer to the shop, so i can walk to work, and have a larger garden space. come by so we can chat soon! Love ya, Janet

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