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I spent my day off from the shop yesterday getting the dinning room ready for our Thanksgiving Day dinner. We are so blessed with the new house this year, been working on it for 7 weeks, and we are so happy to be able to share it with friends. Using the dinning room table and two folding tables to fit everyone in.


The colorful tablecloth will hold the food, (serving buffet style), this is my traditional Thanksgiving table-cloth, used to thing it had turkeys on it until my friend Heather told me it was a chicken.  But I am still using it because the colors are right.


This table will hold the deserts, pies, cheesecakes, and what ever others are bringing.  We have 14 people coming, and lots of good foods.


Filling the new to us cabinet with all of the old china that I have stored for years.


So much fun to decorate!!!

Wishing all of you a great day of thankfulness!!


Comments on: "Getting the new house ready for Thanksgiving" (3)

  1. Sharon Gaskill said:

    Janet, been following your blogs and the article I saw in the paper. congrats on the new home. I have been my new home with Frank for going on 6 months now. where does the time to?. hopefully I can drop by the shop in the near future and catch up with you.
    Did you know about Frank? he is someone I have known since the 4th grade and through high school and beyond…………he is a woodworking artist, we are selling our stuff together at the farmer’s market. he has been selling on line for many years and had a great following. anyway………..we will catch up soon. You and Henry have a great Turkey Day!
    hugs and blessings, Sharon

  2. Heather Davis said:

    LOL, OK, they’re turkeys! I’m so sorry! Anyway, your house looks beautiful, Janet. Hoping your first Thanksgiving in your new home is blessed with love and laughter. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Henry!

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