A glimpse into the daily happenings in the Funky Karma Magick Shop

Today when I waked up the Mom Lady person said, “White One are you back in your right mind?”


“Good,” she said, “get your coat on, you are going to work.” I don’t know what ‘work’ is but at least its not the awful vet place. So I let her put my coat on, it says Mommy’s Little Valentine.  I don’t mind wearing it, it is better than the cone and the cast that  I had to wear after I came home from the vet place.

You know, the Mom lady Person isn’t my real Mom. My real mom let me get lost when I was just a baby and I was scared and all alone.  I began sneaking into the Mom Lady’s yard to eat the food she put there for some other big cats.  They let me eat from their dish and one, the granny cat gave me a bath cause I was all muddy.

One day some other person picked me up and cut my paw feets, and broke my back leg and pushed something into my tummy, and tried to cut my tail offs,  I was crying and scratching til the person dropped me and i  finally I gots away but the person kicked me and it hurted.

I runned a few steps, it hurted real bad, so I layed down, and cried a little.  Some wet stuffs was running out of me, gallons and gallons of it.  I was so cold and tired.  The granny cat told me to get out of the alley before a car hit me but I couldn’t walk.  Granny cat went to where the mom Lady Person was working in the garden and she meowed loud.

“What is all this ruckus about”  The Lady said as she came towards the alley, I tried to crawl to her using my front feet, but didn’t get far before she picked me up and runned towards her house.  She wrapped my up in a blanket and called to the Dad Man, “hurry, we have to go the hospital.”  Although I was still hurting a lot I felt better in the blanket and let her hold me.  It was the first time anyone held me except for the person who hurted me and his holding was not soft and comfortable like this Mom.  We went in the car to the vet place.  I was scared but the mom talked softly to me and gave me kisses on my head. She kept calling me ‘Little White One” I decided I liked her.

At the vet the hurted me some more, made my hurt leg stretch out to get a picture, put a stinger in my front paw, took my temperature, (do you know how they do that!) and other stuffs that I didn’t like. Then I started getting sleepy, and before I knew what I was in a cage, the nice Mom Lady was gone and I was all alone again.  Where did the nice lady go?

After about 20 zillion years I heard someone calling “White One, White One,” I opened my eyes an gave a great big Meow. “I am here, please come and get me!” It was the Lady, she came back!!! I purred so loud it woke up another kitty in a cage near me and she started crying. No I said, she is my Mom, she came back to get me!!! I was so happy.

But then I heard her talking to the vet person, Surgery on Friday, need to stay in hospital, and steel rods, and more stuff I didn’t understand,and after some more pats and kisses the Mom Lady was gone again  I was alone and so sad.

Note from the Mom, Little White One was only 4 months when she got hurt, didn’t bleed gallons, it was only the next day when I went to visit her at the hospital, she needed surgery on her back leg, 2 bones were broken and we had to wait a couple of days until the swelling went down before the surgery. She had a steel rod inserted into her leg to stabilize the bones before a cast was put on but she was kept comfortable with medication while waiting. She had stitches to close wounds in her stomach and the razor cuts on her back feet pads.She did have a catheter and IVs in for all the time she was in the hospital.  

Her story will continue….

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