A glimpse into the daily happenings in the Funky Karma Magick Shop

Slowly I am getting better, I have learned to jump off the bed, and hippy hop on 3 legs to get to the kitchen to eat my foods, If I cry loud Mom will give me creamy treats, but only once a day, then I have to eat my crunchies.  My bad leg sticks straight out with the cast on and the steel rod inside my leg so I can’t use it, but Mom says I am the fastest 3 legged cat she has, and  I learned to  climb up on the big bed using my front legs to pull me up, so I am an independent kitten now.  When the Mom and the Dad persons come home from work, the Dad will play fishing with me, he thinks he catches me but really I catch the ribbon and lay on my back to fight it when it wiggles.  He says I am a good ‘on my back ‘ fighter, I win most of the time. I can only play for a short time before I get too tired and have to go to Mom and sit in her lap to rest, my eyes won’t stay open but I try to fight it and stay awake because playing is so fun.

A couple days ago The Dad man took my cone off because I promised not to chew on the cast (I tried, but  chewed the heck out of that cast, but I couldn’t help myself.!!) But it felt really good to take my own bath…I like my white furs to be really clean: Before I go to sleep I wash my ears, eyes, whiskers and everything else until my fur gleams. Then I can fall asleep purring and leaning against my own little pillow.


Once again I have to get into the suitcase and go to the Vet Place,  I don’t want to get into it, I don’t like going there, they hurt me: Mom says it is for my own good but I don’t know how that is possible.  Here is a pic of the rod in my leg, it was cut off when they finished the surgery but now it is causing some problems, it has been in my leg for 6 weeks and anyway the bones are stronger.


Today I am having another surgery: first they will remove the cast, make a small incision in my leg to remove the steel rod that was put in to strengthen my bones that were broken  and then fix a few other things inside me.  The cast that I have on is another…growing thing…my leg grows and the cast gets too tight .



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