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Packed and ready for the day…

We are packed for the day at the park…Pagan Pride Day…Young Park 10-5pm “Super blow out TEA SALE”…Herbal Incense Blends, magick ingredients lots more

Closing the store in at 4 today…it’s all in the truck anyway…we will see you at the park tomorrow and back in the store sunday 12-3PM

*CandleMagick 101 with Nasya" Sunday 1PM $25.00

Today I packaged new incense blends…

  • Day of the Dead Incense, All Hallows Eve Incense, and Wise Woman Incense

    All Hallow’s Eve Incense for the Brave…calls up those spirits who are hanging around.  You might like them  -or- not!  Smokey with Dead Geranium and Old Jasmine.

  • Day of the Dead Incense…a good blend to bury, oh, I mean Burn, while honoring the dead. Evening Delight, Vanilla, Pumpkinspice, allspice and Red Sandlewood.
  • Wise Woman Incense..Full of Sage, Motherwort, LemonBalm, and Nettle with just a hint of Rose.
  • Halloween Oil…Sour Apple, Cloying Clove, Witches Fingers and Old Bones and other creepy things.

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