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Changing the date of the suitcase show…

Well, we make plans and the universe changes them, so we roll with the new dateline with as much grace as we can. So it means redoing all of the advertising, reprinting flyers, calling everyone to explain, and countless other small tasks to redo.

The upshot is, real estate closings depend on several others, people up the line, one has to move before another can, permits take longer than expected…or promised…and as we are at the end of this chain instead of getting our newest building on the first of August, we will have the keys on the 15th of August.

The Suitcase Show will be August 17 and 18. Same rules apply. $5.00 to sell whatever you have in your suitcase. Come see our new building, this is a one time event, (unless we find a way to purchase another building). Grand opening of all the shops in the new space will be in September after lots of painting, redoing and general fixing up.

cauldron fire this weekend


We burn a fire every weekend, oftener if possible, to ask Blessings for all of our customers, friends and family.

All who are donating to our Building Acquisition Fund are included…Good things are coming your way!

Only 2 more weeks until our closing and we still need some financing but are almost there,  Thank you for all of your help and prayers!!

Downsizing could become a habit? Or the art of saving money.

So after the big plunge of letting go my nice car,and realizing i kinda like my new chevy (and all of the money I am saving) I started thinking about what else I could let go…I am originally from New England and the adage there is; Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-make

1.  The old Kentucky wooden rocking bench, falling apart from old age but husband promised to rebuild and never had time…goes to the wood burn pile.  Our Friday Nite Blessing fires do use a lot of wood!

2. We already do not have cable tv, just an antenna on the roof…but have a stack of older tvs that don’t get the digital signal…saw a  photo of a cute cat bed made from a tv shell. And another of a planter…good use for stuff taking up space.  Better get crafting!

3.  Last weekend we moved the wood pile from its tumbled down state to a better location, hubby saves all wood he finds, left over from projects, pallets with still usable pieces etc, but because we need a clear piece of ground to set up the tent we use for Pagan Pride Day, (coming up October 13th) the whole pile had to move. The Tent is make from all recycled parts and needs to be stood up after being in storage for a year, to make sure it still does stand up.

Our home made tent

cardboard tubes, coffee can tops, and a used canopy, works great!! And you can see it a mile away!

4. Because the  wood moved, if i am creative, I can extend the garden so next spring i can put in more vegetables for eating and more herbs and flowers for incense making.  Better use of our limited back yard space.  oh by the way, when we buy this building i am planning a garden here too!!!  Can’t wait to develop the back yard space to allow parking, gardening and a patio with tables and chairs for tea shop customers…all of these improvements coming up in the spring!

5.  As those who know me well already know that i love yard sales and usually go to each one on my path to work on saturday mornings but, sad to say, i have to forego that pleasure until the building is officially purchased and in fact I will probably have a yard sale myself to raise money for that project.  On my day of f Monday I will be going thru my stock piles at home to see what can be let go of…

Let go,   reduce,    reuse,    repurpose,    remake,    re…   re…   re…!


Purchasing our Building…


In November of this year, we have the opportunity to purchase this building where our shop is located and where we are happy.  Owning the building will insure our continued presence here in this community. We need  some help with funding the down payment. You can help by making a purchase in the shop or giving a donation to the building fund.  We already have a good start on what we need for this project but still need a helping hand.  Will you join with us in this project?  For more information call me or send a message and I will reply with more details.

A Special Blessing Ceremony will be held for all of our friends who help with this project.

Thanks, and many blessings,

Janet, Henry and Pluma.


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