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List of original products made here in the Funky Karma Shop

A sweet new customer requested a list of the products I make here in the shop so I compiled one to send to her and decided to post it here so everyone can see it.  Enjoy, let me know what you need!

.INCENSE; (This hand crafted incense contains herbs and powders appropriate
to each condition and is DESIGNED TO BE BURNED on
CHARCOAL.  Most are in 1 oz. packets.)

  • Bastet comes with a black and gold cat face bead.$5.99
  • Buddha Blend  $2.99
  • Break a Hex send back a hex, curse,
    destroy hatreds, resentments, envy and other evils sent against you.$4.99
  • Clear Spirit $4.99
  • Courage
  • Develop Personal Power $3.65
  • Demon Repellent  $6.99
  • Fairy Calling  $4.99
  • Fertility
    The magickal ingredients in this blend along with this chant
    might be the right working for you.  “Goddess
    of Fertility, I humbly ask of thee, please bring the spark of Life to me.”  $3.99
  • Get Rid of Bad Emotions
  • Goddess  $3.99
  • Grounding  Use this herbal incense containing
    pine, sage, juniper & rose to set the mood and intention for grounding, a
    necessary first step in any spirit work. $2.99
  • Guardian Angel Gabriel Guardian of those born on a Monday. Especially
    intended for Women’s mysteries, tides, waters, dreams, emotional issues,
    fertility and heavenly messages.$4.99
  • Happiness  With orange for happiness, rose
    to encourage a positive mood, spearmint for clear thinking, juniper to attract
    positive energy, lavender for peace and sage for wisdom this blend is sure to
    keep you happy!  $3.99
  • Harmony at Home  Burning this incense releases scents of rose, violet & lavender into the air of your home that will help everyone get along better, stop quarreling, lessen tension, reduce stress and bring harmony to the household.,
  • Healing from Emotional Trauma    as this
    burns you will feel a gentle release of pain, stress and heart ache.  Contains bamboo, vervain, geranium, spikenard and
    other healing scents. $4.99
  • Healing Mother Earth (for use especially after
    disasters such as the Oil Spill, Tornados, or Hurricanes.)  $2.99
  • Honoring Mother Earth  $3.99
  • Honoring Fire       Symbolizing Hope and Cleansing thru destruction of the old
    (habits, behavior, expectations) and rebirth of the new.$3.99
  • Imagination Opens the 2nd and 6th chakras to
    increase energy flow creating a greater capacity for problem solving as well as
    new insights in all creative endeavors. Contains rosemary, chicory, peppermint,
    lemon and other stimulating scents. $3.99
  • Joy  $4.99
  • Let My Cry for Help Be Heard  $3.99
  • Love  $2.99
  • Make New Love Last     To keep these fresh new feelings alive. $3.99
  • Meditation  $3.99
  • Money Draw  “If its money that  you need, then from poverty be freed.  This orange scented incense burned with
    charcoal makes you cents.” $3.99
  • Moon    Burn to enlist the lunar mode of perception, effective in the work of intuition,
    psychic abilities, dream remembrance and past life recall. $3.99
  • Patience  $3.99
  • Prosperity  $3.99
  • Protection (original formular)  can
    be burned or sprinkled around the house, inside or out.  $4.99
  • Purification  As smoke from this burn moves
    through this space,/ Let all negativity be deflected from this place. /spirit
    of purity now enter this space/ Thru fire this spell be manifest/with peace and
    protection this space be Blessed.  .$3.99
  • Revive from Mental Fatigue  will
    help to revive tired brains, make studying easier and give you needed
    energy.  $2.99
  • Restore Health  $3.99
  • Sacred Pyramid  $4.99
  • Special Protection  Burn or sprinkle to enhance protection against evil or negative energy.$3.99
  • Spiritual Healing  $4.99
  • Sun/Solstice designed to be burned on the summer solstice or any time you need Sun Power in your life. $2.99
  • Successful Business  A scent to attune you
    surroundings to the right frequency to receive financial luck, safety in the
    workplace, protection of your artistic designs and good decision making.$4.99

Condition OILS:

  • Ancestor oil…use
    on ancestor altar, to call in the wisdom of those no longer in physical bodies,
    to commune with Spirits, to honor the Gods and Goddesses and Enlightened Elders
    of our spiritual tradition. This oil works for
    physical ancestors, whether they are directly in your family or another’s, and
    for ancestors in the craft or religion that you follow. Can also be used to
    help the recently deceased to cross over.
    *Use to dress candles or anoint statues. $12.99
  • Commanding Oil…for
    use in speaking into existence that which you need, to give you the self-esteem
    to live up to your potential, to enable you to lead with authority, dominate a
    situation so you receive the best outcome and in general to get your way in
    many situations. $5.99  15ml
  • Court Oil…This oil was developed,
    using herbs with the attributes needed, to encourage Judges, Juries, Lawyers,
    and others who are in positions where they make decisions affecting us, to find
    opinions in your favor. But do not think that this oil will save you from
    justice in the case of horrible crimes; karma will get you if you behave badly.  But many times, charges against you in the
    case of innocence will be dismissed, and crimes committed by accident will be
    expunged. *Wear this oil when you have dealings with courts, *dress all papers
    with this oil before submitting them. $6.99
  • Crown of Success Oil…anoint
    the top of your head with this oil for financial improvement and, when taking
    tests in school, going for interviews, submitting resumes, asking for raises
    and when speaking in public.  Use anytime
    you wish increased self-assurance.  *Dress
    papers, or a yellow candle (write “success” seven times on the candle or on a
    paper placed under the candle), burn candle while reciting…”May all my works be
    Crowned with Success” $5.99 15ml.
  • Develop Personal Power Oil…The emphasis of this oil is self-confidence,
    leadership qualities and decision making abilities.  Can be combined with Crown of Success Oil for job enhancement. $9.99  30ml
  • Double Triple Strength Oil…*Add
    this oil to any other oil to give
    it a great big Whomp of
    strength. But watch out! You are dealing with POWER now. $12.99  1oz.
  • Divination Oil…This
    oil aids in psychic awareness.* Use to anoint the third eye and pulse, dress
    candles, and anoint crystal balls, tarot cards or pendulums during divination works. $4.99  15ml.
  • Dream True Oil…Many
    people report being able to find the information in their dreams that will help
    with problems in their lives.  Our
    subconscious has access to a wealth of information that we can extract while
    sleeping.  *To help encourage psychic dreaming,
    use a drop of this oil on your third eye and another on the top of your
    head.  *You might prefer to place a
    cotton ball with oil inside your pillowcase. $7.99  15ml
  • Eye of Newt…This
    is a good oil to use before beginning any magickal working, to clear out old energy
    and purify the area before you begin your ritual.

*“North, West, South andEast , unwind.

Clear the energy that remains behind.

Uplift this space and all within,

Break the spells, unwind the spin.

Goddess Bless this work I do.

Dispel this place and keep it true.” $12.99  30ml.

  • Hot Foot Oil…This
    oil is said to cause those whom you do not want around to locate
    elsewhere.  It will rid you of bad
    neighbors, send enemies packing, keep peace in your home by eliminating trouble
    makers and send your ex-lover far away. *Write a
    petition paper with your enemies name 9 times, sprinkle with oil then throw
    over your left shoulder into running water, a drainage ditch or even into the
    toilet. *Put a couple drops of oil into the person’s shoes and watch them walk
    away  $5.99  1oz.
  • High John the Conqueror...  Made
    with the best olive oil and real pieces of High John root this is one of the
    strongest and most traditional oils available.
    Can be used to ‘feed’ root pieces that you are using in any working,
    also to dress mojo bags or candles.
    Especially useful in spells of commanding, personal mastery and
    courage.* To change a friend into a lover; place a John the Conqueror root, a
    loadstone and a few snipers of hair or clothing from the one you desire into a
    red flannel bag. Dress contents with magnetic sand and anoint the bag with High
    John Oil once a day.  Carry this love
    charm with you during the day, at night anoint with Hummingbird Oil and place
    under your pillow.  * Can be worn by a
    man on his body to strengthen his nature and for help in gambling. $8.99  30ml
  • Isis…for  Egyptian goddess rites.  $8.99
    ½ oz.
  • Money to Me…this
    is money drawing oil with a most particular side effect, it helps you keep some of the money you receive!  We all have times when it seems that every penny
    we have is needed to pay basic living costs…wouldn’t it be grand to have some
    left over?  *Use this as a commanding oil
    to get more when you sell property, to receive a raise on your job, put a drop
    on resumes, job applications and any financial paperwork (including bills) It
    is reported that a drop on the bills in your wallet will help make the money go
    further, stay with you longer and insure you get the best deal on purchases.
    $6.99  36ml.
  • Mystic Healer… Use this oil to open your
    healing powers by placing a drop of oil on at least 3 fingers of each hand when
    performing a healing spell or ceremony for yourself or others.  *Anoint the head of a person with illness.
    Please remember that although we may desire someone with a severe illness to
    recover instantly, sometimes the gods have another plan for that person.  Always invite the Divine into your healing
    plans and ask that it be for the highest and best for that person.  $7.99
  • Reversing Oil…Intended
    to be used for reversing magick that has been worked against you or someone
    else by sending the energy back to the one who created it.  This is often the preferred way to remove
    hexes, curses and other negative sending’s because it does not ‘dirty your
    hands’ or compromise your connection to spirit or incur bad karma, but simply
    sends  back to the sender what they
    originated. (This is a good reason not to do bad magick as you don’t want it
    sent back to harm you!)  $5.99  30ml.
  • Reverse Bad Luck Oil…Sometimes
    we get caught up in strings of bad luck that are not deliberately caused by
    another. Use this oil on a candle for good luck or success. *Blend into a spray
    with Fast Luck Oil, Money to Me Oil or any other positive oil. Spray yourself
    and your area once a day for   a week.  $10.99
  • Sabot Oil…Excellent
    for anointing altars and tools. $3.99  ½
    oz. or $10.99 36ml.
  • Saint Expedite Oil…The
    patron of those looking for rapid solutions to problems, who need luck in a
    hurry, financial solutions fast and an end to procrastination this oil can be
    used to dress candles, or statues.  $5.99  15ml.
  • Spell Oil…A general all around all-purpose
    oil that can stand in for any oil you might need.  Simply tell it what its purpose it for that
    moment.  $5.99  15ml.
  • Tranquility Oil…for peaceful, soothing, gentle moods anoint the pulse points
    to bring these qualities. $6.99  15ml.


  • Black Salt sometimes called keep away salt. $2.99
  • Graveyard Dirt  Gathered in the traditional method and respectfully paid for,
    now ready for your use.$5.99
  • Four Thieves Vinegar
    $4.99  2oz.




  • Pomba Gira Water… (Used in spells for love and sexuality, also
    for healings in situations of sexual trauma. Pomba Gira is a spirit abused
    women can call upon for freedom and justice)
    $4.99 2oz.
  • Persephone Water…In her aspect as Greek Goddess of Springtime, this
    goddess was abducted by the god of the underworld.  She shows you how to recognize and liberate
    yourself from bad relationships and begin a renewed life path.  $7.99 2 oz.
  • Yemaya Water…This beautiful and prosperous Lady of the Sea, an
    Orisha of Mercy, Mother of all and Root of all Riches, is invoked to solve women’s
    problems, to restore peace in the family, aid in fertility, and to protect those
    traveling over or making a living by the sea.
    $7.99 2oz.
  • Lavender Water… (Peace, calming, and restful sleep) $3.99 2oz.
  • Rose Water (for love, peace, attraction and beauty)  $3.99  2oz.
  • Full Moon Water $3.99  2oz.
  • Full Moon Rain Water  $3.99  2oz.
  • Waning Moon Water (for spells of diminishing) $3.99
  • Waxing Moon Water (for spells of increasing) $3.99


Witches Powders

  • Change Direction Powder…Use
    as an ingredient in charms or sprinkle around your area to aid in making
    changes in direction.  Can be burned with
    charcoal, minuscule amount only as too much brings chaotic change!  $3.99
  • Get Rid of Ghosts Powder…Sprinkle
    around the area where you suspect ghosts are lurking, bid them to go on.  $3.99
  • Make Good Things Happen Powder…sprinkle
    your home, yard or auto and invite only good spirits, watch as everything in
    your life gets better.  $3.99
  • Un-Hexing Powder…use
    in rituals to break a hex. Sprinkle around your area to break any hexing
    activity.  $3.99

Egg Shell Powder…this blend of powdered egg shell and herbs is reputed to keep bill collectors and police officers away.  *Sprinkle across the pathway leading to your door.

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  1. Hi there. What would you recommend for someone that is experiencing a person spreading rumors and talking behind their back? Reversing oil or break a hex? and how would it be used? Thanks

  2. do you sell crystals/stones?

  3. Mary Fonseca said:

    What would you suggest for my grandson’s they went through trauma with their mother and her husband. Both were diagnosed with PTSD. The oldest is 16 and he is unable to concentrate in school, he has trouble sleeping and has bad dreams. His mom’s mother in law does evil spells. I had custody of both of them but the oldest wants to stay in California. The youngest has a learning disability and his mom manipulates where he wants to stay with her. She is trying to get custody back I have court on Aug 17 that’s when judge decides if she will get him back. They both were out of school for a whole school year.

  4. Emily Glasscock said:

    How do I order from you?

  5. I love this! I was just reading about cleaning house and cleansing spirit and you have all of the items mentioned! It’s at newworldwitchery.com
    blog post 113
    Spiritual House Cleaning. You’ll love it.

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