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Pluma’s viewpoint

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  1. ola, plumablanca! somos encantados de conocerte! we’s glad you has a nice garden–but we nefur go out unless mommer or daddy are holdin’ us in their arms. we don’t like to spread it around, but we’s all ascairt of the big outdoors. some of us becuz we once lived there an’ it was NO FUN, an’ some of us becuz we can’t imagine ennyplace better than inna house where we haf beds an’ couches an’ fresh water an’ a reliable supply of foods! (an’ treats that we don’t hafta hunt for!) we knows it would be fun to explore, but we do ok explorin’ rooms an’ cupboards where we ain’t spo’sd to be!!

    thanks fur visitin’ us–we’s allus glad to haf new furriends, an’ our mommer likes yer ‘rents’ shop, too!

    headbonks from alla the meowers

    • I loves my garden but am not allowed out alone because I yam deaf. Mom says that acause I can’t hear with my ears. (however…I know everything that anyone says regardless of being deaf!) I was found outside when I was a baby and boy was I sick, and scared, that’s why I work, cause staying home alone is not for me!!

  2. Pluma,
    We think you are a mighty lucky kitty. We like your garden that you get to explore. Mom doesn’t make us wear any leashes as long as we stay in the back yard. When we were little we tried to escape ‘cuz we wanted to know what was on the other side of the fence. Now that we’re both two, we know the best thing is to stay in the yard and that will make Mom happy and she’ll give us treats. Thanks for reading about our adventures. Kitties United Across the World!!!

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