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Sacrifice, Thanksgiving and New Projects

Sacrifice, Thanksgiving and New Projects,

Sometimes a sacrifice is required to get a new project off the ground….

Henry has been wanting me to trade in my Mercedes for a while.  But I admit I was attached to it and reluctant to let it go.

But, M’s are expensive to keep, higher insurance, bad gas mileage and they want the gourmet gasoline!  Also M’s like to visit their special, ‘not located in this town’ mechanics often, leaving lots of ‘green papers’ with them.

So yesterday I made the big decision to let my luxury car go and resume the driving of an American Chevy, that takes regular gas, gets good mileage, easier to get service, and way less expensive in all ways, including insurance.

For a moment I was sad, feeling that I traded leather for plastic, although detroit makes a good product I was addicted to the lux and glam.  However, it is time to downsize, keep more resources for purchasing the building the shop is in and attend to business.

So I did it, back driving an American car, and have to admit, it’s not bad!  Good stereo, lots of storage in the back,( having a business means I haul stuff from here to there all the time.) More resources freed up for the big purchase!

We had a nice fire in the garden cauldron last night, thanksgiving offerings and blessings for all who are helping with our building fund.

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