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Good News today,

New bottles in today so we can start bottling again…oils and waters¬†will be replenished soon!! And a notice of delivery for the pyramids…should be here Friday afternoon!¬† Then the Palo Santo and string incense should be in by Saturday…and great news…a helper is on her way in today! Yeah for good news!


New Oils added today

Several new condition oils are bering added today to the http:funkykarma.storenvy.com
Check them out to see if they are the ones you need now.

Class dates & times

A selection of the oils we will be learning to use in this class.

Here is the new schedule of Fall Classes at the Funky Karma Magic Shop;
OILS and HOW TO USE THEM in Conjure and Ritual Magic; Sept 19th at 1PM $12.00. You may call the shop to sign up

Making HONEY JARS, FREEZER SPELLS, AMMONIA & VINEGAR JARS; offered twice, October 13th and 17th at 1 PM $20.00

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