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Moms eye surgery, store closed until thursday, Happy 4th of July

the gnomes are getting ready to party, the music is starting up…

The garden was watered, cut, pruned, weeded, decorated and in general, pampered.  But it will have to grow alone for a few days, although Dad will water, because mom is having her eye surgery tomorrow morning and won’t be gardening for a while.  The Funky Karma will be closed until thursday July 5th. There WILL be Ladies Meeting that night, topic will be, “The Power of Intention” This is gonna be good!!

Pluma giving Crystal Ball Readings…yep he can see the future.
“I can see parades, lights in the night sky and lots of good foods. Oh, it must be the 4th of July. Have a good time and be safe, see ya all next week.”

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