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Little White One continues her story…

5_25% 0ff coupon_5_4.25x5.5_01Today the Mom Lady Person says, “White One, you don’t have to go to work today, you had a pretty bad night”

It was true, all night I was dreaming and crying ‘mew, mew, mew’ and shaking my hurt leg.  She thinks that remembering what happened to me is very upsetting, giving me nightmares. I am a lucky kitten because I have a pillow and a blanket on the big bed, right beside the Mommy and she will reach out and cuddle me up when I an crying.  So I am staying at home today, playing with my toys and eating my dinners.  But I still remember how alone and lost I felt after my furry mom lost me, I got hurt bad, and then The Lady  left me at a place.  That was the first time I was at a ‘place’ called the vet place. Before I was just outside, on the dirt, trying to find some foods, a drink of water and looking for my furry mom so I didn’t know what a place was and was scared to be at one.

White Ones Story Continues.

A cazillion days later the Lady came back to get me, made the Dad Man give the vet place all his green papers to ransom me out of there and I went in the car to the Lady’s house.  She made me a bed on her big bed, with a pillow and a heated blanket.  It was comfortable.  I had a cone on my neck and a cast on my leg: she gave me medicine in a dropper every 2 minutes and I slept all the time.  Sometimes she carried me to the potty box and the foods dish and she gave me a bath because the cone didn’t let me do my own bath. My broken leg was stuck out in a straight line. so I couldn’t walk, and the medicine made me dizzy, so I just went to sleep for another cazillion days.

Then one day I had to get into this suitcase thing and go back to the vet place where they  took more pictures of my leg, ripped the cast off  then put another one on me, saying something about growing… and more medicine…and all my 150 stitches were looking good, and the paper they stuck to my tummy could come off: I was afraid I had to stay at the place again, but the Lady waited til they were done torturing  me and took me back in the suitcase to her house.  My leg hurted me and I throwed up all night after that awful experience.

The Mom Lady took me back to the vet place the next day to see why I was throwing up and they gave me more meds to stop that.  So now I had dropper fulls of meds every 5 seconds, but the pain stopped, I wasn’t sick anymore and I just let the Mom put the stuff in my mouth

A week later I got another cast…more growing I guess, when they weighed me I was 51/2 pounds and had a little fat tummy.  My stitches came out, that hurted me alot and I was crying. “Let me out of here, I want my mommy, I want to go home.” So the Dad Man gave the vet place more green papers so I went home, back to my own little pillow and blanket and my Mommy.

scarface reports


So my friends, I think that I better let you know what has been going on in my life.  I have learned a new skill…I found out that if I bang on the sliding screen door many times, with a few mumbled  magickal ‘meows’ too, the lock will pop off and I can use my claws to open the door and go out.  Now, you all know that I am allowed out when Mommy and Dad are out too and I have learned to stay in the yard.  But sometimes I want out when they won’t go with me so it was a good skill to learn.

On Friday I saw a neighborhood cat slink up to my catnip plantation for his daily nibble: usually I am content to watch him thru the window but that day I decided to put my new skill to use and confront him face to face.  I did.  He wasn’t as nice as I thought he should be, especially as I have shared my catnip with him all summer.  He scratched me!  I wasn’t afraid, I hissed and growled and chased him out of the yard then went back to the door where Mom had come to see what all the commotion was about.  She wanted to coddle me, and medicate my injury  but I wasn’t having any of that baby stuff.  I was the winner!  I was strong and had to be on guard in case that rotten catnip thief came back. I paced by the door, now with the glass closed to prevent more going out alone and swished my tail rapidly, back and forth.

It wasn’t for a couple of hours, until something Mom calls ‘adrenalin’ had run out, that I let her clean my head and then I cried.  It hurt, I was bleeding to death!  Mommy help me! She said it was a good thing I had my shots.  I said I don’t know why, shots didn’t help me fight the thief, it was my own bravery that won the day.

She cuddled me, until I fell asleep.

Today in the shop…Marie Ravenhawk

Today in the shop…Marie Ravenhawk, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Herbal Consultant, Acupuncture, Message, experienced in Tarot Reading (18 years). She studied in China and graduated with a Master’s Degree in 2004. Marie is also knowledgeable in Native American Ceremony and Spiritual Practices. Come on in to meet and greet her today.

And so…the BIG Move has started today!!

It is moving day for Diane, she is a little bit excited to get a larger space. After she is out, sometime today, we are moving the Event Center furnishings in. The first event is scheduled for tomorrow.

Healing Mother Earth Herbal Incense Blend

After thinking things over this week I decided to make a new Herbal Incense Blend to help with the healing that the earth needs  at this time.  All of us are concerned about the awful Gulf oil spill and want to be able to do something, anything that will help.  This new blend has sweet alyssum from my garden to add sweetness to earths travails, red geranium (from Pluma’s Auntie Jill’s garden) used for love, healing and fertility , white sage for protection of earth and workers involved in cleaning up and stopping the flow of oil, rosemary so that the earth can remember herself healed, and star anise to bring about changes in attitude: a re-focusing on the problem with new insights for solutions, and other magickal ingredients.  Use this incense when you are thinking or praying for the gulf, the people involved in the cleanup and the fish, birds, insects, and reptiles affected by the oil.  It is meant to be burned on charcoal in a safe container and is available in the Funky Karma Magic Shop now.

On Sunday June 13th, 7pm, at LaLiorona Park, on Picacho, the south side of the bridge, there will be a prayer and drumming service for Healing of Mother Earth.  If you are in the area please plan to attend.

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