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Decaff Teas

So, if you like to drink Tea but are bothered by the caffeine, here is the solution…Decaffeinated teas in several flavors, that now tastes like tea should and retains all the healthy benefits we find so desirable. The decaff process has come a long way from the unspectacular efforts it used to produce. The company that I get these teas from uses the new and revolutionary ‘Canadian Chemical Free CO2 Process” that removes the caffeine without any chemicals, leaving the natural proteins that give tea,  Camellia Sinensis, its flavor.

* Decaff Black Currant…This is a luxury decaffeinated tea with an intensely black currant flavor that reminds one of a warm summer day among the currant bushes. $4.20 oz.

Black Currant Decaff Loose-leaf Tea...smells delicious!

* Decaff English Breakfast…A luxury decaffeinated full-bodied black  tea with some fruity notes, producing a consistently high quality cup, that goes wonderfully with cream.  This is one tea that you can easily drink all day! $4.20 0z

Decaff English Breakfast . Drinking decaff teas allows those who are caffeine sensitive to reap the health benifits of tea..

tive to reap the health benefits of tea without getting the jitters.

Decaff Irish Breakfast…This special tea, grown in the landlocked country Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia) and uniquely decaffeinated at the tea estate while the tea is in the green leaf stage ,resulting in one of the best decaff teas in the world, retains its bright color and full-bodied  character.  you will be amazed at this bracing tea!  $4.20 oz.

Decaff Peach Apricot…A base of the finest high grown Ceylon Tea, this has a sweet character with smooth and intense peach/apricot flavor.  Contains freeze-dried peach and apricot, blackberry leaves, sunflower and Calendula petals and natural flavors. Acceptable to drink ‘straight up’ but equally good with milk and sugar. $4.20 oz.

Decaff Strawberry…Strawberry Tea is one of the most popular of the flavored teas and this luxury Ceylon tea, containing freeze-dried strawberries,  so yummy you will want to drink it every day.  Equally good hot or iced, ‘straight up’ or with milk and sugar. $4.20 oz.

Strawberry Decaff Tea from the Dimbula region of Sri Lanka

Decaff Earl Grey…A full flavored cup tending bright with excellent Earl Grey notes from natural oil of bergamot, and an unbelievable aroma leading to an unbelievable taste. A decaff tea to feel good about! $4.20 oz.

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