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Money Incense


This incense is ready and packaged for pickup in the shop, or can shipped to you.

Our very popular herbal Money Incense begins with Coreopsis,

Golden coin shaped round flowers, a good beginning for our popular Money Incense.

These bloom all summer; picking the flowers encourages more to bloom.

Dried flower heads shrink quite a bit, it is a good thing that I have several clumps of this growing, some in pots others in the ground.

This Money Incense, designed to be burned with charcoal, contains other herbs and spices including pine, cinnawmon, jasmine and others and has an enticing orangey/lemony scent.

we will be making new batches of this incense throughout the summer and fall.


List of original products made here in the Funky Karma Shop


Upcoming Classes

Today I am finally getting around to preparing for the next series of classes to be held in the Funky Karma Magicshop. The most requested class is “Oils, what are they and how to use them in Conjour and Ritual Magic.” These will be held in September. If you are interested please let me know what days and hours are good for you. I would like to plan the classes so the most people can take advantage of this learning experience. This class cost will be $12.00 and include 2 free oils.

The 2nd most requested class is always “Candle Magic”, to be held in October. Cost is $15.oo and includes one candle.

I am planning to begin a new class series: “Making and using a Honey Jar”, “Freezer Spells”, “Vinegar Jars and Ammonia Jars.” This will probably be a 2 day class, cost will be $20.00 and will include materials to create 2 projects. Again please let me know days and times and I will try to accommodate everyone’s preference.
Class size will be limited and pre-registration is required.
Call the shop at 575-993-9797 for info and registration.

Pluma Tells All, (or almost all).

Hi everyone,

If you’ve stopped by the Funky Karma Magic Shop,  then you know who I am, and I know you.  If you haven’t been in or live too far away let me introduce myself. I am PlumaBlanca, (White Feather- because of my snow-white fluffy tail, you know) and they call me a cat, ok, humans have this urge to shove things into categories and I do have the aforementioned tail.  I can be a cat when I have to, but really  I am a Charmingly Adept Talisman. Nothing gets done, started, sold, put into motion, bagged, boxed, painted, bottled, or shelved until I have examined it, sniffed it, agreed upon it and approved of it.

On working days, after breakfast and a quick playtime with my human man, I jump into my carrying case, settle down for a short nap and have my human lady drive me to the Funky Karma Shop,  where, after another breakfast I begin my day of greeting my friends,(called customers, but I know they really come in to play with me), and the always challenging work of supervising, nudging, organizing and directing the events of the day.

"I need a napping spot up here."

Hello world!

Just a short note about magick!

  • The first guiding principle when contemplating the use of magick  is ‘Harm None’   I make this a strict priority because my life is  way more pleasant  when I am not  fighting off the results of harming others, and no ‘bounce backs’  will glam onto me.  What we do comes back to us, doing only good means we have a better chance of only get good back. That makes my day easier!
  • There are several types of magick, all work, but all are not equally beneficial for us.  One guiding principle I totally follow in my own magickal practice is ‘ Do not use magick  to coerce another into doing something against their will’.  We all enjoy freewill, disrupting another’s freewill will splash back on us and we will not like the results.  Although coercive magickal traditions have a long history of use, I find that it is not the path for me.
  • When using magic be sure to think through what the expected result will be, making really sure that we  want that result and all  ramifications that come with it.  This takes practice.  I use the old carpenters rule of ‘measure 3 times, cut once’.  In magick that means that I think about what I am about to do, gathering my supplies, meditating and planning  my spell or ritual  for a space of time 3 times longer than the length of time my ritual or spell is expected to take, then perform that spell only if  I am sure of its usefulness to my life.
  • Be specific.  When stating an intent always study the words to be used, making sure they aren’t open to alternative interpretation by whatever power you are calling on for help. Phrase your magickal intentions in a positive language, then expect positive results.

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