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Snow!!! a snow day? Pluma outside?

I don't know about all this snow stuff..it gets on my feets.

Dad took me out to see the snow…I never saw this white cold stuff before. I don’t know who did this but if I made a mess like this I would be in allot of trouble.

I had to check everything.

I check between the pots, more snow!

Mom and Dad said we had a snow day yesterday, sure, there was white stuff allover the ground in Moms garden.  And it was soooooo cold, we stayed home for the day but we are working today.  I yam waitin’ for my friend with the shoe laces to visit me, she was here Saturday but had been patting a dog an I was sorta mad at her.  And she didn’t bring me a feather!!  Maybe she will be here today.

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