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Pluma Tells All, (or almost all).

Hi everyone,

If you’ve stopped by the Funky Karma Magic Shop,  then you know who I am, and I know you.  If you haven’t been in or live too far away let me introduce myself. I am PlumaBlanca, (White Feather- because of my snow-white fluffy tail, you know) and they call me a cat, ok, humans have this urge to shove things into categories and I do have the aforementioned tail.  I can be a cat when I have to, but really  I am a Charmingly Adept Talisman. Nothing gets done, started, sold, put into motion, bagged, boxed, painted, bottled, or shelved until I have examined it, sniffed it, agreed upon it and approved of it.

On working days, after breakfast and a quick playtime with my human man, I jump into my carrying case, settle down for a short nap and have my human lady drive me to the Funky Karma Shop,  where, after another breakfast I begin my day of greeting my friends,(called customers, but I know they really come in to play with me), and the always challenging work of supervising, nudging, organizing and directing the events of the day.

"I need a napping spot up here."

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