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So I am dissapointed in myself….

Once again I have not lived up to my own expectations…I forgot a meeting here at the store yesterday evening.  At 6PM closing time, forgetting that people were coming later in the evening, I closed up and went home.  Not good.  People, nice people, probably angry at me, but not as mad at me as me!

The real question is, “Why am I forgetting things, important things?”  Maybe I should take my own advise and use herbal supplements to help my brain remember things..Ginkgo Biloba…Henry says write it down in my day planner and check everyday, which I did (write it down) but forgot to remember to check the day planner.  Could be overwork, need more help but that costs, (Oh how I would like a personal assistant!)  and I do have two real good volunteers who pop in to vacuum and dust.  Might be age, yep, I am getting older but somehow I do not want to admit that, although it is harder to physically move the heavy stuff…

Ah, well. I will call and apologize, then learn to forgive myself, resolve to do better in the future and go on with my human day.

PS  A wonderful lady is not really so angry at me…she understands that these things happen but said that she will call to remind me when their evening meeting comes up next month.  Good to have understanding and help.


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