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Pluma continues his story…

This is what happens when a little white kitten works to hard.

I think this is the right color…hmmm so difficult to tell. Hey Mom, turn on some more lights. How bout painting some clouds in this sky. Is it nap time yet?

Hi everfurrybody,  Mom says we have to get off our butts and get busy today.  See,for two days we been readin’ blogs by cats, and not gettin’ our work done. (A box of tea came in yesterday but we didn’t even open it yet, if it is the tea youse wanted I promise I will make her open it in a minute…or else I have to call my co-worker Diane and gets her to open it!)  Mom says she had no idea there were so many cats with such entertainin’ stories! And such smart cats…I tried to tell her all cats are smart and I knowed that and she should too.  We were readin’ about how some cats got their names…Would you like to know how I got mine?  Alright, I’ll tell you that tomorrow.  Today I gots to tell you more of the story bout how I, with my very own paws built the Funky Karma Store, (with just a little assistance from my Dad.  He had to put the ladder up for me.)  Deciding on the right colors was a perplexing dilemma, color changes with the light conditions, what seemed right in the morning was all wrong by afternoon.  But I was dedicated to the job and finally the paint was right.  Then I had to make sure she put the teapots in the correct places, sometimes I don’t know what she is thinkin’!

OK, all the spouts are facing the same direction, white shows up against the blue, uneven number of pots is pleasing, wait a minute, why is the picnic basket up there? Is my lunch in it? Is it lunchtime yet? When do we eat?

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