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Up coming events at the Funky Karma

Exciting events coming up…

Nov. 28 th. 10-6PM Small Business Saturday, here is an opportunity to shop in small businesses, and make a difference locally… Please come out and support us that day.  Free canvas shopping bags to the first 10 customers who spend $100. or more, everyone gets a special paper shopping bag, no matter what you spend.

Dec. 5, 3-8PM  Candlelight Yuletide Celebration

***Free Tea and Cookies

***Tarot Readings, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Cleansing, and Past Life                               Regressions all $10. that evening only.

***Free Classes

*** Lots More!!!


February Events at Funky Karma

There are lots of good events at Funky Karma this coming month…
Wednesday February 7th Ladies Meeting 6:30 pm. We will be talking about Prosperity and Abundance = leading to a positive cash flow. Class is $5.00

Saturday February 9th 11-3pm Cosmic Singles…a FREE EVENT..Come on by and meet other singles, sample Chocolate Teas and other refreshments. Love Tarot Readings…Free Love Spell handouts.

Saturday February 9th 11-12 Monthly Book Discussion…The ECK-VIDYA, The Ancient Science of Prophecy.  A FREE EVENT.

Sunday February 10th 1PM Class, Prosperity and Abundance= leading to a Positive Cash Flow, $5.00

Sunday February 17th 11-4PM For Love of Art Month…The Fascinating World of Fractals by the Mesilla Valley Fractal Artists will have a reception.  Come by and meet the artists, enjoy free refreshments, learn how to create a fractal.  The artists will help you design one then print it for you to take home.

Thursday February 21st Ladies Meeting 6:30 pm…Lets Talk about Love. $5.00


New in the shop today…

We went on a vacation for the Memorial Day Weekend and just happened to find many great products for the shop… so here is a small listing…

Although the box says coffee, it is really a glass tea pot, we have 3 new and different models, some will even work on the stove top.

This good looking glass tea pot works well with any tea but displays the Blooming Teas especially well.

Look, 3 new Tea Canisters, perfect to store your loose leaf teas.

I found several really neat TeaPots- and you know I have never found a teapot that I didn’t like!

Also, a new shipment of Tea, all of our favorites are restocked, and here is a new one…Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Tea…smells devine.

Gift Mittens (just like stockings only way cooler!)

See some of the Holiday Gift Mittens $5.00 each.

Catnip Mitten!

Perfect for holding an ounce packet of LooseLeaf Tea

Mittens decorated and awaiting filling with incense.

Here is a recipe I found in an old book I was reading last week,

Scripture Cake… it’s like a puzzle, you have to look up each verse to find the ingredients.  So grab a bible and look the clues up…the cake is delicious!  ( goes great with a cup of tea from Funky Kaarma)


1 cup 1 Samuel 25:18

1 cup Isaiah 34:4

1 cup Numbers 17:23

1 cup Exodus 15:27

1 1/2 cup Leviticus 2:5

pinch of Leviticus 2:13

1 tsp Exodus 30:23

dash Song of Solomon 4:10

1 tsp Amos 4:5

3 Isaiah 10:14

1cup Jeremiah 6:20

1/2 cup Numbers 11:8

1 tbsp Judges 14:18


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

In medium sized bowl comgbine Samuel 25:18, Isaiah 34:4, Numbers 17:23 and Exodus 15:27. Set aside.

In large bowl beat Isaiah 10:14 until light.

Gradually add Jeremiah 6:20 and continue to beat for 5 minutes.

Add Numbers 11:8 and Judges 14:18 and continue to beat for 5 more minutes.

Add Leviticus 2:5, Leviticus 2:13, Exodus 30:23, Song of Solomon 4:10 and Amos 4:5 a little at a time. Stir unti well blended.

Fold in mixture of Samuel, Isaiah, Numbers and Exodus.

Grease and dust with Leviticus 2:5 a large loaf pan and pour mixture into it.

Bake for 1 1/2 hours or until done.




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A quick update on activities at the Funky Karma Shop

Dec. 3rd 10-6 Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
Dec. 4th 11AM The ECK Vidya, The Ancient Science of Prophecy. “Ways to recognize the Flow of Divine Spirit in The Cycles of Your Life.”
Dec.10th How to use Witches Runes and meanings of Pentacle and Pentagram, FREE CLASS, 1PM Jim Heath teaching – This is the first time we have offered this class, Please attend, our plan is to make Jim welcome so that he will teach other classes, he is an overflowing fount of information!
Dec 10th   Tarot Readings with Anastasia 10-6 PM  $20.00
Dec 14th 6;30 PM Singing Hu, Free
Dec. 17th PlumaBlanca Fashion Show,See Pluma as Santa, an Elf and in other great costumes, Free Tea Tasting and
5 card  Mini-readings with Anastasia  $5.00
Dec. 24th Readings with Anastasia   $20.00
Funky Karma will close at 3PM on Christmas Eve and re-open Tuesday Dec. 27th at 10AM for the Annual After Christmas Sale!!!
Dec 31st Tarot Readings with Anastasia. Just in time for the New Year you can find out “What does the New Year hold for Me?”     $20.00
Funky Karma will close at 3PM on New Years Eve and re-open on Jan 3rd. at 10AM
Jan 7 Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
Jan. 8th 11AM The ECK Vidya,  Book Study.  The Ancient Science of Prophecy. “Ways to recognize the Flow of Divine Spirit in The Cycles of Your Life.”
Jan. 11 th 6:30-7PM Singing Hu Free
Jan 14th Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
Jan 21st Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
Jan 28th Tarot Readings with Anastasia $20.00
3207 S. Main St.
Las Cruces NM 88005
OPEN  Tues-Sat. 10-6
              Most Sundays 11-3
“Come enjoy the Funky Karma Experience”

Pluma continues his story…

This is what happens when a little white kitten works to hard.

I think this is the right color…hmmm so difficult to tell. Hey Mom, turn on some more lights. How bout painting some clouds in this sky. Is it nap time yet?

Hi everfurrybody,  Mom says we have to get off our butts and get busy today.  See,for two days we been readin’ blogs by cats, and not gettin’ our work done. (A box of tea came in yesterday but we didn’t even open it yet, if it is the tea youse wanted I promise I will make her open it in a minute…or else I have to call my co-worker Diane and gets her to open it!)  Mom says she had no idea there were so many cats with such entertainin’ stories! And such smart cats…I tried to tell her all cats are smart and I knowed that and she should too.  We were readin’ about how some cats got their names…Would you like to know how I got mine?  Alright, I’ll tell you that tomorrow.  Today I gots to tell you more of the story bout how I, with my very own paws built the Funky Karma Store, (with just a little assistance from my Dad.  He had to put the ladder up for me.)  Deciding on the right colors was a perplexing dilemma, color changes with the light conditions, what seemed right in the morning was all wrong by afternoon.  But I was dedicated to the job and finally the paint was right.  Then I had to make sure she put the teapots in the correct places, sometimes I don’t know what she is thinkin’!

OK, all the spouts are facing the same direction, white shows up against the blue, uneven number of pots is pleasing, wait a minute, why is the picnic basket up there? Is my lunch in it? Is it lunchtime yet? When do we eat?

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