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Pluma meows a naming story

Hi furiends, so I said I would meow you the facts of my naming.

It all began on a cold January day three years ago.  Mom had just lost her cat ‘Yucky’ and was very sad to have no cat.  Mommys friend called and said “I just saw picture of beautiful kitten who needs a home, here is phone number.”

So after phone calls and meetings arrange Mom and Dad drive to see me.  Course i was so cute Mom needed me right away.  Turns out I was found as tiny baby along the Rio Grande River with no momma cat and lots of meowy crying cause I was hungry, cold and scared. (Don’t tell everyone but I am still scared to be home alone, or anywhere alone.  Even at work I stay in same room as Mom. Always)

So Mom and Dad take me to their home, with food and warm and loves!  I am not scared as long as I can see them, but if pawrents go in other room I start crying again.  So my Mom, she just carry me with her every room she go to.  I am not scared again.

My furs is all white and because I was so scared when lost and homeless I lost many furs. My skin is pink, pink, pink.  So Mom calls me Pinky Boy.  It’s a good thing I am deaf because if I hada heard that name I mighta run away!  Maybe scared isn’t as awful as that name.  Mom noticed I wouldn’t come to her if she called me that horrid name  so she figures I don’t like it thinks about changing it.  (humans is so funny, she didn’t even know I was deaf then!)

Next she calls me “squeak”  Now I ask you, what kinda name is that for a beautiful and handsome all white soon to grow up into a manly man cat?  Humans think strangely.  She calls me squeak because I couldn’t meow.  Don’t laugh, If youse was deaf and had never heard talkin’ how good would you talk?  So what if I squeaked, at least I was trying to communicate.

Naturally I didn’t answer to that name either.  It was some time after the adoption of that  disrespectful name that my pawrents figured out (dah) that I couldn’t hear them.  And it was only after one or two other equally stupid names that my Dad listened in his mind and heard my real name.  PlumaBlanca, WhiteFeather, on account of my magnificent tail, a truly rare fantastically plumed all white long-haired feathery tail.  Now I still couldn’t hear them flapping their lips at me but I had mastered lip-reading by then and happy to hear my real true name I ran to Mom when ever she flapped the name at me.  So that became my name, ( well, it was always my real name, it just took the humans a long time to figure it out.)

So thats the story of how I have my Forever Home and my Forever Name.  Another time I will tells you the story of how I became a working cat, learned sign language, purrfected my meows and finnaly trained my  human peoples to do things the way I like them.

Have a purry nice day, your friend Pluma

Today is National Cat Day…

Here I am under the catnip bush in my garden.. I grow this delicious nip for all the cats whose pawrents don't grow it for them. You can come into the shop and purchase this fine treat for your cat.

October 29, 2011

National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day! “What greater gift than the love of a cat?” Charles Dickens once mused. Cats are one of the most beloved human companions of all time. They were first domesticated in the Middle East’s Fertile Crescent as early as 12,000 years ago. When humans relied on hunting as their main source of food, dogs were most useful, but when the first agricultural societies emerged, cats became invaluable. Domesticated cats became responsible for keeping grain stores free of mice and other rodents. Today, cats can be found in 34% of American households, making them the most popular house pet in the United States.

Pet lifestyle expert and animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige established National Cat Day in 2005. The day serves as a reminder to the public about the number of cats that need to be rescued. Approximately 4 million cats enter animal shelters each year and 1-2 million of them are euthanized.

In honor of National Cat Day, celebrate cats and the unconditional love and companionship they give to their owners. If you don’t own a cat, volunteer at your local animal shelter or make a donation. It’s the purrrrfect way to show you care!

Pluma continues his story…

This is what happens when a little white kitten works to hard.

I think this is the right color…hmmm so difficult to tell. Hey Mom, turn on some more lights. How bout painting some clouds in this sky. Is it nap time yet?

Hi everfurrybody,  Mom says we have to get off our butts and get busy today.  See,for two days we been readin’ blogs by cats, and not gettin’ our work done. (A box of tea came in yesterday but we didn’t even open it yet, if it is the tea youse wanted I promise I will make her open it in a minute…or else I have to call my co-worker Diane and gets her to open it!)  Mom says she had no idea there were so many cats with such entertainin’ stories! And such smart cats…I tried to tell her all cats are smart and I knowed that and she should too.  We were readin’ about how some cats got their names…Would you like to know how I got mine?  Alright, I’ll tell you that tomorrow.  Today I gots to tell you more of the story bout how I, with my very own paws built the Funky Karma Store, (with just a little assistance from my Dad.  He had to put the ladder up for me.)  Deciding on the right colors was a perplexing dilemma, color changes with the light conditions, what seemed right in the morning was all wrong by afternoon.  But I was dedicated to the job and finally the paint was right.  Then I had to make sure she put the teapots in the correct places, sometimes I don’t know what she is thinkin’!

OK, all the spouts are facing the same direction, white shows up against the blue, uneven number of pots is pleasing, wait a minute, why is the picnic basket up there? Is my lunch in it? Is it lunchtime yet? When do we eat?

Pluma and building the Funky Karma Store

When I was a kitten my Mom wanted a new FunkyKarma store.She found a building but it needed a lot of adapting, paint, (I chose the colors) and decorating. It wouldn’t have turned out as purrfictly as it is without me.  She can’t build anything so I had to do all the work. Luckily  Dad helped me cut the doorway between her office and the sales counter.It was a lot of work, took me all day, but at last it was done, Mom likes the doorway and uses it everyday. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more of my adventures in building, even thinking about it makes me tired…I need a catnap.

Pluma speaks,

Hi evfurrybody, Pluma here,  Just want to let you all know we have new incense sticks  in the shop today, smells Real Good in here, and me too, i got to play in the box after all the incense was put out.  Now I smell good too. I don’t have much time to play on the laptop today as Mom needs it but tomorrow I am going to tell you the story about how I built this store with my own paws.Have a purry nice day, Pluma the Working cat.

Packed and ready for the day…

We are packed for the day at the park…Pagan Pride Day…Young Park 10-5pm “Super blow out TEA SALE”…Herbal Incense Blends, magick ingredients lots more

Closing the store in at 4 today…it’s all in the truck anyway…we will see you at the park tomorrow and back in the store sunday 12-3PM

*CandleMagick 101 with Nasya" Sunday 1PM $25.00

CandleMagick 101 with Nasya- Sunday

Please call to let me know that you are attending this class…$25.00 includes all materials, info packet and Funky Karma Tea.  Sunday October 16 at 1PM.  This is the first class held in the new Funky Karma Event Center.  575-993-9797. Learn to make Good Magick using candles.

Today I packaged new incense blends…

  • Day of the Dead Incense, All Hallows Eve Incense, and Wise Woman Incense

    All Hallow’s Eve Incense for the Brave…calls up those spirits who are hanging around.  You might like them  -or- not!  Smokey with Dead Geranium and Old Jasmine.

  • Day of the Dead Incense…a good blend to bury, oh, I mean Burn, while honoring the dead. Evening Delight, Vanilla, Pumpkinspice, allspice and Red Sandlewood.
  • Wise Woman Incense..Full of Sage, Motherwort, LemonBalm, and Nettle with just a hint of Rose.
  • Halloween Oil…Sour Apple, Cloying Clove, Witches Fingers and Old Bones and other creepy things.

Preparing for Pagan Pride Day…

As we continue to prepare for the BIG DAY…Pagan Pride Day…Oct. 15th at Young Park…New Cauldrons are in…

New Cauldrons just in time for Pagan Pride Day.

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